Fischer Payel Ecosmart washer

mbanwardJune 4, 2014

I have had a variety of problems with this washer but, I guess, all in all, it's been ok. But the past few days, after I do a load of laundry, the clothes are clean and they are spun properly - no excess water. However, after I remove them, water leaks from the top of the washer into the washer leaving ~ 1/4 inch of water in the tub. The washer works fine and seems to be cleaning fine although obviously I have to remove the clothes right away or they get kind of soggy. Has anyone heard of this problem before and/or have any idea of what is causing it?

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Common problem with any washer ... one (or both in rare cases) of the water valves has gone bad, isn't fully shutting off. Could be obstructed with a bit of debris from the household water supply, such as a grain of sand.

Turning off the supply faucets when the machine is not being used will stop the leaking.

Turn off one faucet at a time to determine which valve -- hot or cold -- is the culprit.

There are several models labeled EcoSmart and you didn't provide your specific model number so I can't at this point tell you what are the part numbers for the valves. It's an easy repair and the valves are reasonable cost, $35 to $55 depending on which valve and supplier/source.

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