Oil to Gas Heat Conversion Quote

jpeanaOctober 23, 2013

In process of getting quotes for oil to gas heat and hot water conversion. Please let me know if the following quote sounds reasonable. Reliability and quality are more important to me than price (I trust this guys work) but I want to pay a fair $$.
Remove old boiler and oil tank, install burnham pvg5 boiler and vent it directly outside install 60 gal superstor indirect hot water tank. I have gas in the house already. The quote = $11,500 (this is after nat grid rebates). Any thoughts/comments appreciated. Many Thanks!!

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With the savings on NG versus oil, how long will it take to save $11,500?

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How much is the nat grid rebate?

How many days and people will it take to do the removal and installation?

It sound like a lot of money. It is hard for anyone to judge how much work is involved in removing the old equipment and installing the additional gas piping and plumbing.

I am not an expert in this area, but I question the indirect vs. the direct domestic hot water tank. Did you get quotes for both options and were the pros and cons explained to you?

Do you really need a tank to hold 60 gallons of hot water?

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OTOH, a 60 gallon tank might mean that it is a big house with a big oil burner and tank there being replaced with a correspondingly big gas boiler.

No way anyone can even come close to guessing a price without more information. What is the size of the home? Where is it located? Is there gas to the house already? Where is the oil tank, in the basement, buried in the yard, or sitting outdoors above ground? Is there any chimney work involved? How good is basement access if this plant is in the basement? ...?...?...?

I'd say the surest way to gauge price is to get a couple of competitive bids.

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Thanks for your thoughts on this. The 275 gal tank in in the basement and will go out through the garage. The chimney would require a liner and we do have gas. The second estimate was approx $500 less vs the first (and 12 months no interest). The Alpine 150 burner is strongly suggested (95%eff). Other option being Burnham PVG5 (85%) and Burnham 205 (82%). Do you guys have any thoughts given the choice of these (reliability, etc) ? Third estimate being set up. Thank you again !!

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I agree about getting other quotes. And I must point out that there are 90+% eff nat gas boilers. If making this change, I want the highest efficiency available that fits your budget.


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I would agree with other posters but even without knowing all the details IâÂÂd say that the price quote is not necessarily too high. In addition to the highest efficiency possible IâÂÂd also want a system with an âÂÂOutdoor ResetâÂÂ, so that the water temperature is only whatâÂÂs needed based on outdoor temperature. Make sure boiler temp is based on the type of radiator you have. Sometimes lazy installers wonâÂÂt take this into account during set up and set the water temperature too high for your type of radiators, wasting energy and money.

A lower efficiency boiler may later be deemed as âÂÂnot up to codeâ penalizing you at time of resale and cashing out when your home is inspected by a perspective buyer.



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Thanks guys.. Im trying to decide whether Im better off with a less complex burner. I've read how the Alpine can be costly to repair vs a "cast Iron" boiler which may even last longer.

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Thanks all. Im going with the Burnham PVG5. I found a reputable dealer thats more reasonable $$ wise. The Alpine worries me too much. Thanks again!

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