passive ventilation/ simple heat exchange

HawkspurOctober 16, 2012

In my new house, I would like to have passive ventilation, mainly using the stack effect by using openable high level windows for stale air egress, but supplemented with non-passive extraction in the bathroom and kitchen.

For my air intake, is it worth laying simple rectangular low profile, long straight ducts in the floor slab, (connected to closable floor grilles) to hopefully use the concrete to moderate the temperature of the incoming air a little?

I live in a mild temperate maritime climate in NZ, where the most extreme temperatures are about -5C and 30C, and those are not at all frequent.

Any comments?

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Maritime sounds humid. Is that the case? There are probably some papers written about this. Your scheme brings to mind "Earth Tubes". It seems to me that you might like to choose between the earth-moderated and ambient air depending on the ambient temperature and what you need to do with it to be comfortable.

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Hi, Thanks for the comment. No, in my case the climate is quite dry, but some maritime climates are humid. A maritime climate means one that is moderated by the sea temperature, giving a lot less seasonal variation than the opposite continental climate, where the seasonal variation in land temperature has a lot more effect.

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