Dryer that doesn't tangle long sheets

lalitharJune 12, 2012

I was looking for advice on different thread on 220v washers and realized that there is a case to be made for a different brand of dryer. Are there any dryers that dry well and help avoid the sheets from getting balled up. We were going to do the Miele washer dryer till they discontinued. Now we are looking at Asko and Bosch for washers

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When you take your sheets out of the washer, shake them, then fold them up into squares like you would if you are going to put them in the closet. Then put them in the dryer(folded) and dry them. See if this doesn't help the balling up.

I would go with a large dryer like the LG or new Electrolux. JMO

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Took my Bosch less than a minute to unfold my sheets and the results were the same.


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My Fisher & Paykel SmartLoad dryer reverses the tumble for 40 seconds every 4 minutes throughout the cycle. I've not had a tangled or rolled-up sheet or other large/bulky item since October 2004.

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I guess reverse tumbling is the answer.

Dadoes - is your dryer electric or gas?

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The unit I have is electric. Gas is also available.

There are currently three models (six if gas & electric are counted separately). DG62T27CW2, DG62T27DW2, & DG62T27GW2 are the gas models. They differ in control panel layout and choice of cycles/options. CW2 and DW2 are labeled AeroSmart and are marketed as matches to F&P's AquaSmart washers with matching control panels (CW2 has an LCD panel with capacitive touch buttons, DW2 has soft-touch buttons and no LCD). GW2 has soft-touch buttons (no LCD) and matches the panel of the EcoSmart washer. Any model of course can be used with any brand/model of washer. GW2 is equivalent to the older DEGX1 that I have.

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My Electrolux dryer reverse tumbles at the end of the cycle, and it does not tangle my California king sized sheets.


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Thanks dadoes and CJ. More appliances for me to check out this weekend.

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a couple of tennis balls placed in white socks helps prevent balling up in the dryer.

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