Appreciable difference between Taco 007 and Grundfos?

braytonakOctober 31, 2011

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm having just a stroke of poor luck, if Taco circulators aren't as top-notch as word-of-mouth suggests or if the wrong Taco circulator was provided with my system.

I have a four year old Weil-McLain GV3 boiler. (Natural gas.) It heats a 1,350 sq ft home on two zones and periodically a third zone for our garage. Shortly after the system was installed the primary circulator in the GV was found to be seized up. It was replaced with another 007. At the end of last season I noticed a rattling noise from the primary circulator. I was reminded of it recently when the heat started turning on again.

I was told that the cartridge should be replaced in the circulator. That's all fine and good, but the pump was brand new only three years ago, if even that long. Two in four years...doesn't that sound excessive?

I'm going to call around for estimates soon. Should I have the system evaluated to make sure that the pump is not over or under sized? Is it likely that there are contaminants or debris killing these things? (Bypass circulator works fine.) I do notice, even after all this time, that the bypass circulator causes a swishing sound when it starts so I was going to inquire about having a Spirovent installed to try to release the trapped water. The two cheap vents installed don't seem to do the trick. Would switching the circulator for a Grundfos be of any benefit?

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There may be a problem with the installation. Have you tried calling Taco for technical support?


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No, I'm getting estimates from some local companies, including the one that installed it. Good thing it's not completely failed because some companies aren't too snappy about responding.

I figured calling Taco as an end-user would get me as far as it did when I called Weil-McLain... "Call your installer."

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