Hate my GE Harmony - don't want to make mistake again.

beepsJune 10, 2012

I purchased a GE Harmony Profile set in 2006 and have hated it ever since. I'm buying a new home and will obviously not be taking these with me. I had planned on buying the Duets but aside from mold an mildew issues, I'm tall and even with the pedestals it feels like the FL are awfully low to the ground.

So, it's back to TL for me but I do not want another horrible washer. I got this one for energy efficiency and because my laundry room was a few inches shy of handling the Duet set. But the washer conserves water so well that often the clothes came out of the washer DRY! No water had touched parts of them. That's a little too energy efficient for me. So, since 2006 I have used a cycle I created in which the washer fills all the way up - no matter how many/few clothes are in there. Sometimes my loads aren't that big so it is a colossal waste of water. Then, to top it off, my clothes come out completely tangled up. Sometimes I can literally pick up one pant leg and have the entire load come out all tied up. Fabulous. :( (Yet a kleenex will come out intact. I can't figure it out.) I hated them immediately but the appliance store I purchased them from basically told me to get lost. So, whatever I buy will be coming from Lowe's or some other store with a good return policy. (Should I also mention the touch panels are currently going out - hoping I can keep them working for another 6 months.)

What do I want? I want a washer that will handle small and large loads well. I only do 3-4 loads a week, sometimes big, sometimes small. But, I do wash large items like queen or king comforters frequently (thanks to my dogs) so need a super capacity washer and dryer.

Although I won't be purchasing for 6 months I need to let the builder know how high I need the dryer vent. Thus I need to think this through ahead of time. I had asked to have the vent raised so I could put the Duet on a pedestal, but think I've changed my mind about that.

I'd appreciate suggestions for a TL set that will be energy efficient, but will also use enough water to get the clothes not only wet, but clean(!), and will handle comforters. I see the LG getting some pretty rough reviews, even though Consumer Reports gives it top marks for a TL.

Suggestions for me to look further into? Thanks in advance.

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The Harmony you have was made by LG so the new LG T/L are the same just bigger tub and seem to be exploding for quite a few people.
Not sure what to tell you about a new one--if the 06 model you have now was stingy with water just wait till you get a new one. They use even less.
Capacity wise the Electrolux and new LG F/L are the largest. I,m not sure what the capacity is on the Duets. Sure they would handle the comforters with no problem. From what I understand,the "Bulky or Bedding" cycle tends to use more water.
Just search and compare them all until you find what fits your needs best--if it were only that simple!!

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Check the Bravos models, be sure to get one with an onboard heater. I run most of my laundry on the bulky cycle because it uses the most water and sprays water over the load to saturate everything. I still save water over a non-HE model, but my clothes are clean. They only get really tangled (as you describe) if I have a really big load.

I always use the second rinse and dump a detergent bottle of plain water on the load before starting a cycle. This makes the washer "think" there's a bigger load, so I get plenty of water to wash in. I might not be saving as much water as what some people feel is best, but my loads are truly clean and completely rinsed. No detergent residue for me.

Good luck on your quest and let us know your decision.

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