Maytag gas-vented laundry center a good choice?

studio460June 18, 2013

Back to square-one. We're returning our 24" LG combo washer/dryer unit due to overly long drying times due to its unvented, 120VAC condenser dryer, and moving back to a gas-vented dryer. I'm now looking at a Maytag gas-vented laundry center model: MGT3800XW.

Since no one makes a compact gas dryer, I turned to this $1,499 Maytag "unitized" laundry center unit. I'm sure Speed Queen laundry centers are far better-built, but much pricier, and I'm just not a fan of their odd-window shapes.

So, does anyone have one of these Maytag units? I know that in another thread, laundry centers were considered a poor choice. But of the few reviews found, most were complimentary of the product's overall performance; though, a few reviewers remarked that they were noisy. As usual, at least one reviewer was utterly unsatisfied. Does anyone know if this machine better than perhaps other similar models?

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Nevermind . . . it's too deep; won't fit.

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Someone just told me to consider a laundry center but I don't see the point unless it's completely a space and/or cost thing - we have space for either a laundry center or stacked washer/dryer, gas vented, and the laundry centers can be $1100-$1500 (except speed queen which is $2500 or so), versus say a Frigidaire stacked unit for around $2000. I'm concerned about the washer capacity being so relatively small and also keep hearing that front loading washers are so much more energy efficient, and I'm trying to go the greener route (within reason). Any thoughts?

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