Laundry Room flooring

kimcocoJune 1, 2011

We're remodeling a laundry room in our 1920's basement - we will be painting cinder block walls, and we have enough natural sunlight with glass block windows.

We'll be spraying the original exposed ceiling beams white, walls will be a light color undecided as of yet.

Wondering what everyone does for basement laundry room floors in terms of colors - we'll be adding ceramic tiles, and we're undecided whether we should go with a light, dark or medium tile.

What are the cons with dark laundry room floors?

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IMO the only con with a dark floor is it will keep the room dark and may affect resale whenever you move. If this was my situation, I would use a light tile, to keep the area bright, with a stained (colored) grout. Grout is impossible to keep clean.

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Why tile? Tile with any color grout sounds iffy in a basement. Why not an alternative like the "new" linoleum? It has been reborn in beautiful colors, is eco-friendly, cheap and very durable in a basement. No cracking like tile, no dirty grout to clean. Great for a 1920's house.

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I put a light beige/bone tile in my laundry room and love it. It's easy to clean and looks a lot better than painted cement which peals and requires some maintenance. I would caution against dark tile because most lint is white and it'll require more frequent sweeping.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We'll go with a darker grout and a light tile.

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