Fisher Paykel GWL11US Water Level

AceKadetJune 12, 2014

My eleven year old GWL11 recently threw me a 130 error. I ordered the RPS, replaced the defective one, put everything back together and ran a test cycle. As it started filling I noticed the tub wasn't turning, but didn't think too much about it until the dreaded and incessant beeping finally reached my brain. The machine was then showing a 136, which isn't a good thing. I replaced the board, set the load size and started another test cycle. Everything seemed fine, after the EA Wash the machine filled to the medium mark and started agitating. When it "topped off" the water level though, it kept filling and filling. It filled to over the high mark and would have kept going if I hadn't paused it. I advanced the cycle to drain/spin and that worked as expected. HELP!!!

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The basket rotates during fill (and spin) after you replaced the motor board?

Open your console and confirm that the water level pressure tube is properly connected to the motor board. The end of it that attaches to the pressure sensor may be stretched and not securely air tight. Snip about 1/4" off and reattach. Also check the path of the tube as it passes through the console down to the tub to confirm it isn't pinched or cracked, and is securely attached to the tub air dome.

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Yes, there is rotation during fill as there should be. I checked for kinks yesterday, but will trim the tubing and re-seat. I originally thought there might have been some water in the bowl that threw off the readings, but after it fully drained I pulled the tubing from the board and replaced hoping to get it to correct. I'll let you know what I find.

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And to confirm ... when you refer to topping off the water level ... it stopped filling, agitation started, then it filled again to top-off the medium level.

What'd you do to stop the water running? Press Pause or Power? Pulled the plug? Shut off the supply faucets?

Have you tried running it again to confirm the problem recurs? Manually set a water level to see if it registers correctly (maybe start on Low and increase successively through each level).

You set the proper Machine Size for the replacement board?

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Ok, I cut off the tubing at the crimp mark caused by the clamp and put it back on, started a medium cycle and it seems to be working, but we're only two lights into the wash cycle.

As to your other questions, and for possible future reference:

Topping off: Yes, filled, agitated, added more water to get to the correct level.

How did I stop the water: A string of profanity and a touch on the pause button.

Did I try it again to see if it would work: Repeatedly.

Set the water level manually: When the auto didn't work right, I tried low, medium, high and a couple in between.

Machine load size: Set to "7", spin hold light lit (temp up, power, spin speed up).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

It progressed successfully through the wash, drain and spin. Now, the two rinse and one spin light is lit, the lid is still locked, and it tried to add water in several three to four second "bursts" for lack of a better term (just the usual fresh water shower). After a few minutes it is spinning again, but the same lights are lit. Maybe this is normal, I'm usually not around for this part.

Still there, same lights. I'll let you know.

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Allrighty... The rinse/spin completed although it somehow didn't seem "right", but maybe that's what it has done for the last decade... We had a talk and I gave it some homework - a load of towels. We'll see and I'll keep you informed. Thank you for your assistance and guidance.

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The Normal and Heavy cycles with the Softener Rinse option not selected ... the machine runs a water-saving shower rinse sequence. A pattern of spins for water extraction with some brief sprays, and some longer saturation sprays at 25 RPM, then the final spin. This is normal, and how the machine has always worked.

Softener Rinse option changes the rinse sequence to a spin with brief sprays, an agitated rinse (at the same water level as the agitated wash), then the final spin.

Perm Press and Delicate and Woolens run an agitated rinse whether or not Softener Rinse is selected.

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Looks like I'm back in business. Funny how something so seemingly trivial as that tubing can have such a profound effect. Thanks again for your assistance, you are the Master.

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