The Smell Of Miele

mieleformeMay 23, 2011

I know this sounds absurd, but I love the smell of both my Miele Washing Machine and Dishwasher. Tell me I'm not the only one, please.. When they heat up, using the sanitary programs mainly, the smell they give off from all of the warm parts reeks of quality. My guess would be it's the high quality Plastics Miele uses. It's a light smell I noticed a long time ago in the laundry room. When I was cleaning the dishwasher door the other day (4 months old) I picked up a similar smell around the door handle where a little heat is given off. I know this sounds strange. But just by a slight sent you can tell these machines are built of materials well beyond their counterparts. Or I'm just strange' maybe both?

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We are both strange and weird. Several time my spouse has found me bent over with my head in my W4842. Upon asking WTF I was doing, I just replied: smelling the Miele!! I like the way the dryer smells, the washer, the dishwasher and our vacuums. Even as the appliances age, they don't smell icky (like some of my mom's old appliances).

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I think the both of you need to crack a window once in a while.


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I DO really love my new W4842/T9822 and my S7 Marin (Swing in the US) and S5580 Saturn canister. I cannot say I've noticed any special "smell" on them though - I'll be sure to pay more attention this week ;)

I'm actually thrilled with my Miele vacuums - I have a central vac that I just hate and am SOOOO much happier using these vacuums.

I am considering getting a dishwasher but I've read good and bad reviews. Obviously, you both like yours? I was thinking of getting the Optima G2472 version.

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The smell is probably toxic.

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I had a La Perla in my last house, loved it. When we moved into our new home almost 4 years ago, I put in a new Optima. While the Optima was not bad really, it was for sure not as good as the La Perla (G 2832 SCi). The La Perla is much quieter, dries so much better, better options and at the end of the cycle (if you activate Drying Plus)..the door automatically opens a bit, to allow steam and moisture to escape.

I set mine to go on at 10:15pm, it runs for about 2+ hours. Turns off, door opens and in the morning, I have perfectly clean and bone dry dishes!!

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Just wish the Miele lineup of dishwashers had the interior lighting like ASKO does.

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The new one will, wait a while. I think it's the G5000 in Europe. Full of lights inside. I'm sure it will be offerd here eventually.

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@mrg627 - LOL!
It may be the Persil fumes have affected them. ;o)

I love my Miele canister vacuum I bought six months ago. So quiet!

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Persil fumes... Hahahahahahahah those are good also.

Na, it's got to be a plastic they use. Something the Dishwasher and washing machines both have. When they get super hot, pay close attention and you'll notice. Trust me they smell as good as the work, strange I know, but whatever.

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Looks to me like we all need to get out more.

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I think Miele is sneakily encouraging us to do more housework.

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