Stain on silk shirt

basespiritMay 17, 2007

I need help here. How can I remove the stain on my silk shirt. I have read in the past enzymes don't like silk at all. Is there any detergent that can remove the stain without hurting the silk?


One more thing, I don't like taking it to the dry cleaners. I like to do it myself.

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You did not say what the stain is.

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Opps, my bad. It is tomato sauce.

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I have never had to remove tomato sauce from silk, usually I am trying to remove ink stains. If the shirt is washable silk, I would try spray and wash stain stick. Scrap off any excess sauce then rub the stick into the stained area. You want to apply enough so it rubs right through the fabric. Then I would generally let it sit over night before washing on light colors. On dark colors I let it sit for a short while before washing. Wash as you normally would, do not put in dryer. Air dry if you do not see any stain. After it is dry, check again to see if any of the stain reappeared. If it did, repeat. If you can still see some of the stain after removing from the washer, skip drying and reapply the stain stick right away. Rewash. Repeat as needed. For really bad stains you may need to repeat several times. I have never had to treat a stain more than three times to remove it.

If the shirt is NOT washable silk, you can try covering the dry stain with talc or cornstarch. Let sit over night, then brush off and check stain. You may need to repeat this several times. I have never tried this, but I have read about it. If you search on "remove tomato sauce from silk" you will find many references to this technique. Or you could just take it to a dry cleaner. If you find this too unfriendly ( I do) look for a "green" cleaner in your area, they use stuff that is safer for the environment and people.

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'Carbona' it comes in a little yellow bottle there are 9 different kinds for different stains. The one for Ketchup & sauce is a liquid. Use a Q-tip and just blot it til it is gone, depending on the color it may leave a 'watermark'. If it is Washable silk you can just wash as usual. (in cold by hand or in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle.)

The link says you can buy online but I just pick it up while at the market.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carbona

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Carbona is not an enzyme cleaner is it? Those will ruin silk, I looked at the link but it did not say what is in them.

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About 30 years ago the secretary in our office got a quarter size spot of tomato sauce on a silk scarf. We used a vacuum hose and a small bottle with a tiny spout filled with Cobehn. We placed the vaccum hose under the silk and the tip of the 1/16 diameter nozzle directly over the stain on the scarf. I was amazed. All you could see was the fumes from the chemical leaving the tip of the nozzle as a result of the vacuum. The stain slowly vanished in about 15 seconds. Not a mark on the scarf! I believe Cobehn is an electronic component cleaner and is not flammable. You don't want to breath this stuff though.

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The bottle of Carbona does not list the ingredients. It also says not to use on acetate, silk, carpet, or upholstery. I have used it on all of the above.

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