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rdowney79May 12, 2011

So 9 mos ago we purchased the Samsung 330 Series Washer (model #WF330ANB) and Dryer sets (Model #DV330AEB). The washer recently needed to be repaired because the clothes continuing to be soaking wet after a full cycle. We are a family of 7 (predominately female) with a washer that is 3.7 cf. Repair guy said the pump needed to be replaced and we will probably continue to have this issue as long as were trying to squeeze the load sizes we need to wash. That is, if size is the issue. Lowes has offered us the opportunity to return them and recieve full value toward a trade. So we're looking to upgrade and need some advice. I have scoured the internet and read every possible review I could find, including comparing on Consumer Reports, but I'm still torn. FYI, we're gonna get the Lowes extended warranty.

Here are our options:

Maytag - Maxima

Washer - Model #MHW6000XW - 5.0

Dryer - MED6000XW - 7.4

Whirlpool - Duet

Washer - Model #WFW95HEXW - 5.0

Dryer - WED94HEXW - 7.4

Electrolux - IQ

Washer - Model #EIFLS55IIW - 4.7

Dryer - EIMED55IIW - 8.0

Thanks in advance,


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You know funny this topic would appear, let me tell you our story and see if this helps you. in 2007, my partner and I moved into our home and the laundry room is located in a fully finished lower level that sits on a concrete pad. We purchased the WP Duet Series and within 3 months, Lowes replaced the set because of serious vibrations. We purchased the Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series and was pretty happy until about a year ago the washer made hideous sounds while spinning. Now mind you, as you're reading these events, the machines are fully level, HE detergent is used and never a suds in the place, the machines are fully cared for and you'd know because the technicians would be amazed at the care we took with these machines.

Fed up, and after 9 visits with the Lowes appliances repair people (the people who Lowes contracts with), they deemed the machine a lemon and bought the set back.

My partner and I then went shopping and looked at the Electrolux, and they were just Frigidaire machines with some bells and whistles and then I looked at Miele.

We bought the Miele set and never looked back. Yes, they are quite pricey and sure the check from Lowes didn't cover the whole cost, but once you see them in person, you will notice the craftsmanship is far beyond anything that WP, LG, Samsung, Maytag, Electrolux...anyone has out there minus maybe SQ. The machines are built like tanks, their customer service is tops (both in email and in phone call) and the machines clean our clothes like no other.

So, I know the Miele set is not on your list but do yourself a favor, go look at them. I don't know what I like more honestly, the washer or the dryer...they are both GREAT machines!

Just my two cents.
Matt :-)

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Matt - I have indeed looked at Miele and everything I have read about them has been fantastic, though the largest one I can find in my area (Omaha, NE) is a 4.0 cf and were looking for something a bit larger with such a big family. The models listed are the best ones available at the Lowe's store where we originally bought our Samsung set and they don't carry the Miele brand or LG for that matter, darn them! I just think it would be easier to swap out w/Lowes so they can pick up the Samsung set when they deliver the ones we decide on.

p.s. To boot, my parent bought the Samsung set as a house warming gift for my wife and I on their Lowes that impacts our options as well!

Thanks, Ray

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I think the Electrolux units are not built on the same assembly line as Frigidaire. They are very nice.

I like the Bosch Vision series (I own them) but they are discontinued.

You may want to check GE's largest units. My customers have been happy with them. PFWS4600LWW/PFDS450ELWW or GFWS3500LWW/GFDS350ELWW.

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AplianceSales - The GE models in my area top out at 4.05, so size is an issue there as were looking for at least 4.5. I'm leaning towards the Electrolux IQ set mostly due to them not having AS MANY negative reviews as the other models.

Thanks, Ray

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So we decided to go with the Whirlpool Duet (wfw95HEX) W/D set. Picking a washer and dryer has proved to be a very difficult decision, mostly due to limited options available at Lowes. But the Lowe's people were really great in exchanging the old ones. So we picked the Duets (w/extended warranty) mostly due to the combination of size and price (under $1k apiece). It seemed like all the larger dryers (8.0 CF) came with a smaller washer set, usually about 4.05 CF. When considering size and price, it really came down to the Duets or the Maytag Maxima. Based on the reviews I read here, I was more turned off by the Maxima's negative reviews than the we pulled the trigger and got the Duets. I'll let you guys know how my wife and I feel about them going forward.

Thanks, Ray

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I have the same options as you... maytag vs wp with the same models...

One of the items i read about the new whirlpool was that it does have an internal heater and to make the green folks happy it does not heat up the water enough... i can't seem to find the post or who posted it but they said their hot wash was barely warm.. the one way to get hot was to use sanitize but it takes an extra 40 mins to run.

Can you comment on the whirlpool's ability to clean and or the wash modes for warm and hot and the time it takes and how do you like these so far?

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any updates on this washer as far as the water temps or other?

We are getting ours delivered tomorrow. It would but me if the water didn't heat up enough.

(backstory on mine is that my 8yr old HE3t broke down and we ordered a Samsung 511 series and when it arrived this morning it was defective and wouldn't even start for the installation techs. We sent it back and didn't want to risk more Samsung quality issues so we went with the Whirlpool)

i would love to hear more about this washer from the OP or anyone else too. tia

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I have the Samsung VRT set and I am completely happy with them... but family of two here, 3 if you count the little dog...

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