What happens if one retards sourdough too long?

kitchendetectiveJune 11, 2014

I had two pain de campagne boules retarding overnight to be baked this morning when DH informed me he had made an appointment early this morning out of town and needed me to come with him. These loaves have been two days in the making. : (. If I bake them tonight will they be ruined?

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Kitchendectective, doesn't sound like you have too much choice. I think that another 8 hours or so in the fridge probably won't make too much difference.


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I don't know re sourdough since I just started, but with my pizza dough, which has a fridge rise with commercial yeast, there's a four day continuum: First day, the yeast is active but not fully mature. Second day, it's is perfect, good stretch, excellent spring, great rise. Third day, I can see the gluten starting to break, but it still has good spring and rise. Fourth day, it's still useable, but starting to degrade, releasing a little water, broken gluten, lesser spring, minimal rise.

If this is at all analogous, you might have slightly less perfect bread, but it'll still be good. :)

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I need better eyeglasses.

Second thought. My comment not too funny.

dcarch :-)

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Not. Going. There.

New subject: How about rigging up a tiny fiber optic light that we could use to check the hole size on baked loaves before we are ready to cut into them, for the impatient among us?

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