Bosch Axxis 2090 repair - worth it? Or get new one?

chanjMay 13, 2013

my 7 year old Bosch Axxis is not working, and the repairman says it's the three-pronged connector in the inner tub that's broken (sorry, not sure if I'm using the correct terminology, but it's part of "0312" here:

The part is about $110 (plus shipping and tax), and my repairman estimated $285 or so for labor. So that's at least $400 there. By the way, this is our first repair on the washer.

So my question is: is it worthwhile to pay $400+ to repair this one, or should I just bite the bullet and pay $1000 for a new washer?

Would much appreciate your suggestions! So confused!!!

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I think it really depends on how much you like the unit. If you like the performance and features I'd say fix it. Seven years is not that old.

Also, a new European front loader is going to cost well over $1,000.

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