Miele 4842 -- Good idea at $799?

ecf1216May 19, 2014

I am in the market for a new washer and dryer and stopped into our local appliance store today.

I am looking for a washer that will get my clothes clean and perform well in a second floor laundry room -- minimal vibration is important.

The salesperson showed me the Miele 4842, which they have available (new, in the box) for $799. She told me it is superior to anything else I could buy, in terms of (gently) getting clothes clean and in build quality and longevity. She also said that it will work well on the second floor because it is heavy (heavier than other brands) and "doesn't move."

I have several questions for you laundry experts:
*i know this washer would have been manufactured years ago; does it matter that it's been sitting in a warehouse?
*Does this model have a good track record? I read a lot of posts here in which people were happy (or not) with the washer when they got it, but am wondering if people are still pleased (or not).
*Will this be a better performer than other brands? I was thinking of an Electrolux Wave- or IQ-Touch when I went into the store.
*Any idea if it will be good in a second-floor laundry room?

In short, I'm wondering if I should consider going with the Miele or with the Electrolux (or something else). Any advice?

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That model has been discontinued but Miele will do repairs on it.
Make sure you do have a certified Miele repair/service center near you first instead of after purchase.

The price is a good for a Miele since the machines went for around $2000 so the shop is really trying to get rid of that machine.

Quick review from Good Housekeeping:

Although the machine has a large drum (for Miele standards (4.00 cu. ft.) it's not as huge as say an Electrolux.
Cycle times are way longer on the Miele.

You'll have to see what others have to say, it's a tough decision.

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Any machine you put on a second floor may need the floor strengthened to keep silent. See the thread here about a month ago or less on that topic. I put 3/4 inch pliywood under my Samsung washer and tiled over that. to make the floor heavier. I don't know anything about Miele washers other than that the brand has ardent supporters in these forums.

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Wow, I paid twice that in USD for ours, brand new, four years ago.

Our Miele 4842 doesn't move around for a couple of reasons. First, it sits right next to an outside wall in the laundry room, so the "trampoline effect" is minimized. Second, it is bolted via brackets to the Miele dryer we bough that the same time. Our Miele machines weigh a ton, figuratively speaking. Possibly more than any other brand? I will get some vibration from time to time, depending on what is spinning in there.

Our laundry room is upstairs over a garage, but more like a main floor because the washer sits next to an outer wall, and concrete block is holding the floor joists steady.

Where on the second floor is crucial.

I have a friend whose laundry room is in right the middle of the main floor, over a garage/basement, and her Whirlpool Duet will walk across the room with certain loads. THAT is the trampoline effect of being in the middle of the house.

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Thank you for your replies. It is a tough decision for me!

The Miele would involve some work (for DH). There are no pedestals available, so I would want a platform built to raise it to a good height. In addition, the fact that the washer only has a right-side hinge means we will have to reroute hoses and cords to accommodate it. The salesperson says this is not a big deal, but my husband is reluctant to change things (even though the store will take care of it as part of installation).

I just keep thinking the price is great for a well-reviewed machine that *should* last a long time. Even if it were only to last for ten years, it is a good buy at $799.

On the other hand, it might just be easier to purchase the Electolux with its matching pedestals and call it good.

The store only has a handful of these Miele machines left. If I keep spinning in circles on making the decision, there won't be one available. ðÂÂÂ

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If the door hinge means you would have to place the washer where the dryer currently sits, essentially reverse current locations, that will be no problem. We had to do it in our laundry room. The installers used new hoses (old ones were 16 or 17 years old & time to be replaced) and they are plenty long enough. We;'ve had no problems.

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I would be a bit careful. We've been buying Miele appliances for over 20 years now. Currently have 2 washing machines, dryer, 2 dishwashers, convection cooktop and oven split between a home in Europe and one in the USA. In Europe, where high quality appliances are far more readily available, we're down to an old Miele washing machine that never gives up. Everything else has been replaced with another brand (not distributed in the USA).

Over the years their quality, along with their prices, has gone down and their maintenance costs have increased. Their once vaunted reputation has been severely bruised in this household with several calls to repair the washing machine, culminating in a $900 drum replacement right after the warranty ran out because the bearing they installed could not handle the weight of their drum. The latest dishwasher is their top-of-the line model. Cheaper than our old lower than top-of-the-line Miele, noisier, more difficult to fill and not as robustly made.

Other than ovens and vacuum cleaners, we've about had it with the brand and it now competes with any of the other better brands. They tend to be like BMW's, you see your service person a lot the first year or 2. After the warranty runs out, you sell it.

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My mom bought a Miele washer and dryer years ago and they were really good quality machines. Both the washing machine and dryer are almost silent. However, my dad was more hesitant because of the same reason others have mentioned - he heard repair costs are more because you have to go with their technician, and ordering parts isn't like running down to home depot to grab what you need. However, my mom talked him into it and it turned out they've never needed a repair. A couple of years ago they bought a new set for their home and moved the old set to their business. They went with Miele again, and my mom loves them. The new set is also very quiet, and I haven't ever noticed any bouncing or movement, especially not compared to my own w/d, which are pretty good quality but still make noise and rattle the laundry baskets on the spin cycle. They also haven't ever needed to repair their dishwasher, although that's only a couple of years old.

Yes, I can see your hesitance because it's a risk, but I have to tell you, after seeing the performance of my parents, if I were in your position it would be hard for me to pass up. I don't have any experience with electrolux to compare, I just know I would love to have a Miele. In fact, after visiting my parents and using their Miele vacuum I joked with my husband that when we have new carpet later this year, it would only be protecting our investment to buy one . . .

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I have an almost-6-year-old W4840, the model that preceded the W4842. Got a 5 year warranty under an offer that was available at the time, and had the door seal replaced (once) and adjusted (once) under warranty. I really don't know what I'd replace this machine with, if it were to die. Are there any washers of comparable capacity with "true" hot, warm, cold wash temperatures on the market today? Last time I looked into it, even sanitary cycles didn't run so hot anymore, rather they relied on chemicals for part of the sanitization process. Not that I feel a need to sanitize my laundry, but at least a sanitary cycle is or was a way to get a really hot wash to get stuff like dishtowels clean. The Miele goes one better, because it gives you evenly spaced temperature settings at 10degC intervals between 30degC and 70degC, because you may want a wash warmer than lukewarm, but not 70degC which will damage some items.

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Thank you all so much for your responses. I purchased the Miele washer last week and am excited to get it delivered and up and running!

Now I'm working on choosing a dryer. My sense of order makes me want the matching Miele dryer, but there are none to be had. I hope I am so pleased with my washer that I don't notice they're not a matched set. :)

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We have that washer and dryer set. We are WAY happier with the washer than with the dryer, mostly because of the limited settings on the dryer and no way to set a timer to run. I really miss having a timed setting.

But we LOVE the washer. We've had if for I think 2 1/2 years now and no problems yet.

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We have the matching dryer and, honestly, any decent brand dryer should do the trick. Check the consumer reports ratings for starters. I like our matching dryer, and have been quite happy with it. It doesn't bake things like our last (circa 1995 purchase) dryer.

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