Need help selecting a FL washer/dryer

benzeMay 12, 2014

My Moffat dryer of > 30 years has finally breathed its last breath. It came with the house when I bought it 5 yrs ago (along with a Maytag TL), and I've been fixing them both up for the last few years (water pump, belts, etc), but knowing at some point one would die. Well, my dryer finally packed it in; one of the glides was broken (unknown to me) and strained the motor too much. So the motor is simply unable to spin up the dryer tub any more.

So, I find myself out shopping for a new FL washer/dryer pair. I've been trying to do reading/research, but I find myself drowning in information.

I've read things that Electrolux are the best, others that find that the Samsungs are top-of-the-line, etc. I've even read posts indicating that the Whirlpool Duets are the best.

So how do I choose? I need something with a large capacity (I've got 4 kids that go through a lot of laundry) and efficient cycle times. I would like something with good serviceability (good maintenance record). Right now I use a single cycle on the washer and dryer, so I'm not entirely sure how useful these units with 20+ cycles have value.

And I'm not even sure what a Steam cycle is good for. As far as I can tell, it's nothing more than a gimmick. Is it worth spending extra $$$ on?

Thanks for any advice / suggestions / recommendations anyone can make.


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Hi's difficult out there, isn't it.

I'm still using my Whirlpool top loader of 15 years but if I were to forced to buy a new washer tomorrow, first I would buy from a mom & pop type of store.
They are more apt to stand behind their product after the sale and keep you happy (they can't afford bad word of mouth).

From my research the Korean machines (like LG, Samsung etc.) are harder to get service/parts for and therefore times for repairs may take a longer time.
I've heard of not so great customer service when issues arise with the Korean machines.
The Korean machines do look very sleek, I'll give them that.

It seems that Whirlpool and Electrolux/Frigidaire have been at this (laundry) business the longest and have vested more time and research at making their machines better.
They have better distribution with parts and service and therefore better repair times.

Frigidaire seems to have the fastest cycle times but remember adding or subtracting options (extra rinse, low soil level etc.) will alter wash times.

Most new front load washers have a pretty substantial tub size so that shouldn't be an issue no matter what you choose.

You will get more cycle choices with any new front loader washer and dryer.
You may want a "Bulky" cycle for comforters or a "Hand Wash" for extremely delicate items or a "Soak" cycle for really dirty items.

The "Steam" cycle is more important in the washer than the dryer.
Steam helps with really stubborn stains or to kill bacteria or allergens.
I wouldn't say you need it but it may come in handy now and then.
The thing with a "Steam" cycle is it can add a substantial amount of time to the cycle.
If the machine has a "Sanitary" cycle then you really don't need a Steam cycle.
Most people hardly even us the Steam cycle if they have one.

As far as steam in the dryer, it's only good for relaxing wrinkles or freshening up clothes.
(you can mimic this by throwing a damp towel in with already dried clothes you wish to freshen up).

If you don't mind a miss matched set you can get yourself a standard Whirlpool dryer, the type with the "hamper" style door (door that opens down, not to the side).
Those are very much still a very reliable machine.

Or get the matching washer & dryer set and get the basic dryer.
I would pay more for the washer with more features than the dryer.
The dryer just needs to tumble clothes with a variety of heat settings (low, medium, high and or medium high, medium low etc.).

If you look at Electrolux/Frigidaire know that Electrolux offers more higher end machines with more bells, whistles, features, cycles, higher top spin speed, larger drum and Frigidaire's are more economical (less features, slower top spin speed, less cycles, smaller drum).

Do a side by side comparison of Whirlpool and Electrolux and Frigidaire and see if they offer features you want or don't want.

I'm sure you'll get some other advice here and will make for some good reading.

Best of luck.
Keep us informed of what you decide.

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Well, I ended up at the store today and was very close to buying the Electrolux 70 series washer/dryer, but decided to check out one more store before doing anything.

In the last minute, asked about floor model discounts, and saw a Whirlpool Vantage dryer they were trying to liquidate for 100$.

So, long story short, I figured I could replace my current failed dryer for the cost of less than repairing it. At the worst case scenario, I picked up a dryer with 3 yrs of warranty for 100$. Should be good enough to extend the life of my washer for a bit.



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Savvy dude :)

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