Heat pump question: compressor or defrost control?

wannabeDIYerOctober 8, 2011


Parents have an American Standard Heritage 10 heat pump, which they've used pretty sparingly over the last three years (last homeowner installed it around 1998??).

It recently stopped cooling and heating. The first contractor who came by thinks the compressor kicked the bucket. The second contractor who came by thinks the compressor is A-ok and the defrost control board is shot.

Don't know anything about heat pumps but it seems to me that these are pretty different diagnoses!! Is there anyone who might tell me how to figure out who is right?

Many thanks in advance.

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Find someone who can at least put some gauges on the thing.

A failed compressor is easy to find.

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Need another opinion from an experienced HVAC pro/dealer who knows HPs preferably a Trane or AmStd dealer.


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Thanks for the very prompt advice.

What's confusing is that both contractors put gauges on the thing--and both were licensed HVAC servicemen, although neither were American Standard dealers.

I guess I'll go to the horse's mouth and call out the local dealer for Am. Std., although that company has a mixed reputation and charges for a service call.

Thanks again.

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Trane is the same product if you have a good Trane dealer.

What's "kicked the bucket" about the compressor? Locked up? Not pumping? Shorted? This isn't rocket science. All the defrost board does is pass the "turn on" signal to the compressor. Really easy to tell if that is keeping the system off.

Last year I went on a call that one of 2 compressors in a high end Trane was locked up. It was til I put a high voltage wire back on the terminal it was supposed to be on. Popped right up. Thieves.

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Thanks for info.

"Kicked the bucket" = the compressor just isn't starting up.

Contractor who initially thought the problem was just the defrost board now thinks the problem is both the defrost board AND the compressor and wants to replace the whole heat pump.

Getting third opinion tomorrow; hope I find someone like y'all!

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