Trane furnace Thermostat question

dsc3507October 14, 2011

OK next question regarding the Trane XV95 furnace. This dual stage furnace can be used with a single or dual stage thermostat. When using a single stage it simply uses a timer in the furnace and if it has not reached temperature in a specific amount of time it goes to stage two. This is repeated on each start up.

I am told it would be far better to have a two stage thermostat do this. I am not sure that my dealer understands this so I may just let him install the stock thermostat and later hook up a better one.

Any thoughts on this? Any recommendations on a good thermostat that would work well with the XV95? An internet or phone connected thermostat would be nice given that I am often away for extended periods. Honeywell has some models that look promising.

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The idea of installing a sgl stg thermostat for a nice two stg furnace is simply a dumb idea if you want full functionality and operating cost.

Sorry that's the truth.

Posted by tigerdunes (My Page) on Wed, Oct 12, 11 at 3:40
The XR95 furnace is a sgl stg model with conventional PSC blower motor.

The XV95 furnace is a two stg mdl with a variable speed blower motor.

Both are 95% eff condensing furnaces that require outside venting for combustion air and waste gas. How does dealer propose to accomplish

The XV95 will be much quieter than the XR95 model. The XV95 will require a good two stg thermostat for best operation and full functionality like HW VP 8321 mdl.

I would want to see a load calc for heating. I would think the 60 KBTU mdl would be plenty of heat. More is not better. Still see good dealers who
want to oversize.

I always recommend ductwork system be thoroughly inspected-size, leaks, insulation qualities, adequate return, etc.


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On the advice of tigerdunes some time ago I paired my XV95 with a HW VisionPro IAQ. Couldn't be happier!

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"On the advice of tigerdunes some time ago I paired my XV95 with a HW VisionPro IAQ. Couldn't be happier"

Did you buy any other accessories to go with it? Is there capability to connect it to the internet or phone for remote monitoring/control?

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Check the Honeywell thermostat site for Internet connectivity models.

I have to say though that your dealer may be challenged to install it correctly if he can not install a basic two stg programmable thermostat for two stg furnace like the XV95.

And just so you know, Trane's 803 thermostat and HW VP Mdl 8321 are basically identical.


Here is a link that might be useful: HW Internet Connectivity Thermostats

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The Trane XV95 is a two stage variable speed blower furnace.

I would like to be able to properly control the two stages, have dehumidify capability (the stat would measure humidity and control blower speed in AC mode) and also hopefully be able to be monitored and controlled remotely via phone or internet.

The HW Prestige IAQ would do this but it has many more features than I need. I wonder if there is a less expensive alternative from Honeywell or possibly Trane that would do the things I mentioned above.

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You will pay a premium price for a premium thermostat that has Internet connectivity, DOD-dehumidify on demand, and other features. Some features you may need and use, others you won't.

Premium off the shelf thermostats are not sold a la carte with just the features you require.

I think you need to balance your "wants" with your real "needs" versus the price of the stat.

And if you do decide on one of these premium stats, your installing dealer better read up on the installation instructions before the install, not on the day of the install.


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trane has an XL950 t-stat that does even is connected to the internet itself if you have a wireless network. It tells you the weather outside etc..etc but the
cost is out of this world...

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