Idea about those holes in people shirts

winker58May 12, 2009

I too have battled with (usually 3-5) tiny holes in my shirts to the left of the belly button area (usually) for too many years now. No matter what price shirt I buy. Today I realized that I never zip up my coats and am wondering if possible the zipper is rough when not zipped and if that area gets manipulated back and forth with the seat belt and causes this holes. I've tried putting shirts on backwards (side with no holes) and experimented with many scenarios and found nothing. What does anybody think. Do you have the hole problem and do you not zip up your coats/zip sweatshirts, etc.

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I've also considered the zipper theory. Those holes drive me crazy!! There's no rhyme or reason to them, sometimes you get them sometimes you don't. I've tried making sure pants are zipped and buttoned before I put them in the wash. Of course then I worry about the wear and tear on the buttons!

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I have gained a few pounds over the past several years and the only thing that I can think of is that I wear all my jackets, zip sweatshirts, etc. unzipped and the zipper is really rough when not zipped and I might be grinding it back and forth in the seat beat and against my waist at the counter. I have experimented in every way to see why this is happening because I literally have no shirts left to wear and I do not want to go out and buy more and have the same thing happen to them. I've even gone so far as offering a reward to my teen's friends if they can discover what is happening.

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You could ask a friendly dry cleaner to send a damaged shirt or two to the lab, described in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have been having this problem for several years. It is absolutely driving me crazy. I have heard everything from granite counter tops, washing machines, zippers, seatbelts, and bugs. I honestly can't take it any more! It is always in the front. I have done experiments. It has even happenend to brand new shirts with tags on that I haven't even worn yet. It has to be some sort of bug. But what bug just eats at the fronts of cotten shirts. I am bombing my closet with raid as I am sending this message. I am then going to remove and wash everthing in there. I don't know what else it could be. Or what else to do. I have seen no signs of bugs dead or alive. There isn't even carpet in there, there is hard wood floors in my closet. Where are these bugs hiding!?!? Help!!

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I asked about this also. Someone said it was from the body rubbing on the sink & counters. It makes sense to me.

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I too am having this problem. A few months ago my family and I moved from NYC to Colorado. Ever since moving here, I have noticed 3-4 very small holes in the front of my cotton shirts near the belly button/waistline area on the front side. I can't figure out why this keeps happening. My only two theories are that I went from a really old top-loading washing machine to a front-loading one here or there are bugs specific to the Colorado region that weren't in NYC that eat through cotton. Go figure. I am leaning more towards the new Whirlpool front-loading washer that is causing this. It is not only annoying but also costly because it is ruining a lot of my shirts. Argh!!

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15 years of holes in my cotton t-shirts and I'm still not sure of the cause.

But I'm at peace with the hole cluster phenomenon. I've come to accept it's just one of those mysteries in life, like UFO's and ghosts, this mystery will never reveal itself.

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Interesting..... I always assumed they were caused by my cats inadvertently sticking their claws into my shirt when I pick them up.....

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This is totally bizarre. In the last couple of weeks I've lost THREE shirts to tiny holes at the bottom front, generally just above the hem. Always in knit (T) shirts. Two of them were almost new! It's been happening for awhile now, maybe since we moved into the new place with granite? I'm not sure.... I always thought it was because of one of my belts...

Hopefully someone can solve this mystery! I'm home with two kids, LIVE in t-shirts, and can't be tossing them out :)

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With all due respect, are any of you overweight? Does your belly stick out past the 'straight line?'

I have never seen this in my entire life, nor have my brothers (I emailed them and the went WHAT?!). We are all about 6 ft and 165-180lbs. And no belly. Not trying to be crass or anything, but nothing rubs when we are at the counter. And I rarely zip my jackets.

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No, dallasbill, I am not overweight, I am thin. I don't think this in an affliction that only people with high BMI's are suffering from.

So, you're telling me you and your brothers can stand there and wash a sinkful of dishes and your shirts never touch the edge of the counter? Really? REALLY?! You stand there and wash dishes a step or two back from the counter, leaning over to get your hands into the sink. Really? REALLY?!

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In over four years owning the Duet I've seen this one time. I have one blue old navy tshirt but it has 2 small holes in the back lower middle part of the shirt. I don't know why but I have never seen this happen since that one shirt. I rarely wash jeans with shirts, I usually wash jeans together so it could be the zipper theory because there have been a couple of occasions where I've threw a pair of jeans in with the dark shirts.

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So the hole mystery still isn't solved. It appears you don't have to be fat, this happens to thin people too. Is it a short people thing? If it was happeing in the washer it would be all over not just at the bottom front of the shirts. Any other ideas? Oh, and I have no pets that crawl on me so thats not it either.

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I am overweight and that is most likely why I do not zip my jackets and sweatshirts. Have lost many pounds and pants are loose now and still get holes.

Kids in many sports activities and I seem to live in sweatshirts. I am wondering if the teeth (sharper unzipped than zipped) might grind on the seatbelt.

I don't think it's the counter because I have done my own experimenting and even gone so far as to switch to a certain shirt only worn when at the sink. No holes.

No pets with claws. Kids and husband do not have holes. I don't throw shirts in with jeans either.

All I know is that I am sad that all my shirts are ruined and I hate to buy new ones and have the same thing happen right away. Waste of money. I have been asked about the holes by other people and it is embarressing. You wouldn't think that this would ruin one's life but it is starting to be on my mind way too much.

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Maybe we should just wear aprons again?

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About 4 yrs ago we started getting holes in our shirts and my husbands underwear. It took us a while to figure this out but we finally did. We somehow got silverfish in our master bath and they eventually started showing up everywhere. Hard to see because they only come out in the dark and rarely in the light. Our house was infested and we did not know it. They come in due to heavy moisture build-up, clothes not dry enough or leaky pipes. We tried everything to get rid, even Terminix. Nothing worked. I thought last resort, I would put Irish Spring soap bars around the house and see if it works. It keeps deer away it might work for silverfish. It worked!!! For silverfish, spiders and pretty much any small insect that might creep in the house. However, I tried them in the barn and found that mice love Irish Spring soap. Hope this helps!

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I have this happening to my t-shirts also.
I ruled out the bugs, countertops and washing machine theories as it is only MY shirts and always in the same general area, around belly button level. DH and I share the same walk-in closet, I wash our clothes together, I have always done up zippers before washing jeans and pants, we both work in the kitchen at the counters.
Just got a new car, waiting to see if I get anymore holes which might relate to seatbelt theory.

This whole thing is just weird.

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I too have heard of the silverfish theory, however I have never found any in my closet. My clothes that are hanging pretty high up have gotten eaten as well. I am starting to think it is some kind of mite. Something very small. I have just recently bombed my closet. I have gotten rid of every holy shirt. And now I am starting over. I haven't found any dead bugs, beatles, moths, or silverfish. I think if I see one more hole, I am going to be carried out in a strait jacket. Even new shirts with tags have had holes. It is a mind boggling mystery! Fortunately it is just mine and my husbands shirts. My kids so far have been in the clear.

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This only seems to happen to me (not DH) and only around the bellybutton area on shirts. Very odd. We've been driving the same vehicle for a few years so I don't think it's a seatbelt issue. I suspect it was a belt I have that I wore all the time. I've banned that belt for now and will see what happens.

It is, as a PP stated, one of those things that shall remain a mystery :)

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I have no idea what you all are talking about. I live in So. CA Â could this be a regional thing???

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I have then in N Ca. So do my DGD who live with me. I am fat, they are thin. I also zip up all zippers before washing. It is not bleach, as we get them in dark colored clothes also. Is it from UFO's playing games with us?

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I am still amazed by this holy problem. I even searched my closet and didn't find any holes. I had few holes on my t-shirts in past but they were in the stitch area and I know bad needle causes holes in hems and stitches, specially if you have a needle tip that is dull,it brakes the fibers as it penetrates through and after few of washings it shows up, sometimes immediately.I just never had holes on my back or tummy, very bizzare......

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Everyone, it is from the point of the jeans where the whole is for the button to go through. Just feel how hard it is. With constantly rubbing back and forth. Trust me, I don't get why either. It's been like this for years! (we all use to tuck everything in too)
I use DUCT tape, can't live with out it. Then I don't get any holes. But you have to make sure you try to flatten the area real good. If you do it loosely, it will still have a point to it and you can still get the holes. It is f-ing weird! Also, when I wear leggings (NO ZIPPER) like (HUE's) no holes ever! So it has to be. Try a 3" piece of duct tape and use it across. Really flatten it, do it really tight. GOOD LUCK!
LMK, how it works~ Sd

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This has been happening to me for at least 3 years...tons of shirts are in garbage, I have taped up my desk area, kitchen area, checked seat belts, i cannot figure out why this is happening. This does not happen to my son or boyfriend. Most of my shirts are purchased at Target and Old navy....I think it is cheap fabric...Cannot figure this out and it is totally frustrating.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

wow what a strange thing. I have never had this problem on any of our clothes anywhere we have lived. I rarely wear clothes with zippers but my husband does and he has no holes in his clothes. The fact they seem to be in the exact same location for so many varied individuals would tend to indicate it would not be bug related, I mean a bug would eat all over. I have seen sweaters that moths have been at and they have holes everywhere.
I have lived in various climates, from South Louisiana to Denver, Oklahoma, Tenn. and Texas and never seen this happen.
Have used top loader and now front loader. Never had granite counter tops.
The only holes I have had were from a pet claw or catching on something and pulling a thread.

I would think it could be seatbelt related, possibly one specific seatbelt manufacturer??
very baffling ...

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i dont wear jeans much and if the holes are because of jeans and the zipper why did it start after i quit wearing jeans ,it is a mystery ,unless the mites are on us??? i cannot explain this mystery

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As noted in this thread, the problem seems to exist with front loading machines.

It could be from the back of the button on denims that may be causing this.

What I think it is happening is that the fabric is being sucked into the small holes into the drum on FL machines. This is because they have higher spin speeds. The side of the holes in the drum on the backside of the drum may not be smooth, in fact they may even be sharp. Contact with the fabric on these holes can cause the holes.

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I've only see this with one OLD navy shirt.........but the hole was in the back, not the front........No other shirts I have had have done this in my Duet for six plus years. I don't zip anything up either. I'm not fat. 5'11 170 lbs. I do have family member who isn't fat but has a gut.....I haven't seen any holes thier stuff either......The only thing I notice is jeans in that area that bends and stretches the most that start to deteriorate over time..........

I honestly DO NOT think it's the zippers....I never zip anything

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I had this problem at one time and what I figured out was that I use wire hangers and the bottom rod of my closet was too close to the top rod and I was catching the bottom of the upper shirt when I was hanging my lower shirts in my closet. I now have pared down my clothes and re-adjusted by closet bars so this doesn't happen and I have no more holes!

I know it seems like with so many people having the same problem there should be a univeral answer... but I think it probably varies by individual. I am sure, most of you would be much more careful than I when hanging your clothes to know if this was your problem.

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Yeah, happens to me too, but i don't hang up my t-shirts. Nor do I think it's specific to front loaders, because it only happens in certain locations on my shirts. Bugs are out for that reason too.

I believe it's caused by a combination of friction from denim/seatbelts/life and cheap fabric. T-shirts these days are practically tissue paper thin. But, what do you expect for $7 at Target/Kohls/Old Navy?

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A friend and I discussed today and we think it is where your shirt rubs on the cut portion of granite countertops. Both of us noticed when we got new countertop.

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I don't think it's specifically one thing or another causing the abrasion. (I don't have granite countertops.) It's more due to the fact that something in your environment is rubbing with some regularity on the cheap t-shirt material - it either causes the hole or causes the fabric to weaken in that spot and it comes apart in the wash or dryer or when you pull down your shirt - whenever.

For me, it's either my laptop edge or the rivets in my jeans combined with seatbelts.

I have higher quality, thicker shirts that this doesn't happen too. If it really bothers you, buy better shirts, not the "tissue" ones that are prevalent right now.

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Had a customer this week complaining that the washer was putting hole in her knit shirts. She showed me 6 shirts with holes. What she didn't notice before I pointed it out is that all 6 shirts had holes in the same area, right at the belt line. I explained that a washer can't be that selective as to only put holes with-in 4 inch area on each of her shirts.
When we started discussing it possibly being a seat belt issue, she did notice that is where the seat belt rides when she drives.

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I had this SAME problem!!! I had no idea what it was from, but only happened to my "around the house" t-shirts. Then when I had my 3rd child (c-section) my mom stayed with us for a week to help out. We are both just over 5 feet. She noticed after the second day her t-shirt had this worn away hole in the front by the belly button. She said it seems like it happened while she was at the sink, because she came with a perfectly fine shirt and noticed it shortly after washing a sink full of dishes. After a couple of more days the SAME thing!! I had granite counters then and the rubbing of button on the granite only took 5 minutes to wear away!! We are both thin but petite so the button hit the counter top at just the right spot to eat little holes away!

Problem solved! I now have a stainless apron front sink. NO MORE HOLES!

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I have had the same problem for years. I can't explain it people are starting to think i make the holes on my own. I know i'm not crazy and it looks so many people are suffering from the same thing. I need an answer to this because i can't take it any more. It's none of the thi gs you giys have mentioned. Can someone please help us resolve this issue?

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I've just solved my holes in my cotton shirts in the belly button area! It WAS the kitchen countertops! I was so bummed today when I put on a new shirt that I purposely kept out of my closet because I was SURE it was something in my closet... the shirt had one distinctive hole. I sat down complaining about this problem w/my husband after doing a large load of dishes and when I showed him the hole, there were 3 more smaller ones just below it! (identical to the holes in my other shirts) I didn't think this was it because it seemed like the counter hits me higher than that..but I'm wearing the proof. I'll start wearing an apron when I do dishes and see if my problem disappears. I hope so, because I was contemplating bug bombing my closet, and I hate using pesticides.

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HA! Most of my tshirts have mystery holes, too. (I just noticed a new one in the shirt I currently have on) I have assumed that it's either from my waistband rubbing against the counter with my shirt between them or from the seat belt rubbing the same area in the car.
Either way, I think it's simply a high friction area. It is annoying, though!

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I noticed the holes in my T's after i had kids, so I thought maybe carrying them around contributed. (friction theory) and it probably did coincide with shirts getting thinner and having a much finer weave.
And honestly, in this insanely hot early summer we're experiencing where I live, I'd rather have a thin T with a hole or two than a thick's a trade off, and maybe when it cools off, I'll worry about my holey T...but I don't think that will happen until October or November here.

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I posted this in another topic about this problem and I have found my seat belt has a plastic rivet with a sharp spot right where I tend to get the holes. I also noticed I don't get them in my cooler weather clothes (when I'm wearing a jacket or winter coat), only my summer stuff.

I blame the seat belt and my jeans abrading the surface. I'm not sure they actually make the holes, or just create wear spots on the fabric that become holes when you wash or pull the shirt down when you stand up.

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I get them at the bottom front of my shirts and always wondered why, but then I noticed I'm always catching my shirt in zippers of my pants or sweaters when I do them up.

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Oops... sorry I meant to post my previous message in a different thread. My apologies.

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I have been going crazy with this for months. Same situation - cotton shirts of all brands and qualities - even my good organic cotton! Holes in same spot near belly button. I use all eco-friendly gentle detergents and cleansers.

But after reading the forums I think I may have some idea. I DO tend to lean into the sink and countertops! They are granite, but smooth, so not sure what the abrasion is about, but maybe a possibility?? Also, I carry weight in my belly and wonder if that is a factor??

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It has happened to some of our clothes too. It only happens with t-shirt type fabric and only certain ones. I'm beginning to think it is just poor craftsmanship of the material in question. Weak spots do to something getting splattered on them at the textile mill or too thinly woven. Something like that is what I am assuming anyway.

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It could be helpful to know where the holey cotton shirts are manufactured. Are they all from one country or from multiple places?

Could it be that after construction the clothes are folded and packed using some kind of machinery that makes tiny holes that laundering enlarges? If the holes were due to inferior fabric they wouldn't occur in the same place with such a similar pattern (three small holes near the navel--described over and over.)

Over the past several years as cotton prices have soared the fabric has become thinner and thinner. It's a way to preserve profit margins without having to noticeably raise the price of the item. It's much like making candy bars and cereal boxes smaller but charging the same price.

Is this happening over many different brands or just certain brands, in fabric made in many countries or just one part of the world?

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I have had the same problem starting last year(after i had my baby). Why me? was something i would ask on seeing a ruined cotton cloth but glad only me, atleast my husband n baby's stuff is safe. I would see 2-3 tshirts a year previously with holes which is still ok but since last year it's become a routine. ALL cotton stuff is ruined. I am at a point that i really dont want to deal with it, but do i have a choice?

One day there are 3 holes and 2 days later 6 holes at the same place as mentioned by others...not sure what is the cause? Atleast this forum gives me some relief as there are other people in the same boat and i am not going crazy. At one time I thought that someone has casted a spell on my
Hope thru this forum we all are able to find some relief.

No theory except for the bugs theory appeal to me...everyone is talking about granite - i don't work in kitchen with my office clothes on and they are still damaged. How about the new clothes?

The only solution for now, I am not buying any more cotton/knit stuff... :)
Bugs are also very smart that they pick and choose the cloth and efficient in making holes at one particular place :)

Good luck to all of us!

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I moved to Indonesia last year. In Indonesia people have maids to do chores and drivers to drive you, you don't have to wear seat belt when you sit at the back and don't have to stand at the granite counter top. All my shirts have tiny holes around belly button area. There is no silver fish in this tropical country. This has never happened before when I lived in the USA. So this is not weather nor anything related. Just a mystery and I am freaked out.

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I have never had that problem, but could it be from wearing a zippered sweater or knit Hoodie, around the house with the zipper dangling . It makes sense that when you lean or rub against the kitchen counter or holding a child on your lap, the zipper being open could cause the problem.

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Wow! I'm actually relieved to hear so many people have holes in their shirts! I don't think it's granite - I don't have any. I've often thought it was our seatbelts as it almost always is my thin cotton t's that get the little holes. Always near the belly button. My husband and I are thin - so weight doesn't have anything to do with it. Could it be the button of our jeans and the seatbelt "smash" the shirt??? HA! And I thought Roswell was weird...this is really strange!

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I, too, have been puzzled by this. I have finally come up with "energy". I think it's a chakra thing. The second chakra over-active. It's only been happening when I am with my boyfriend.

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I have been going crazy trying to find the source of holes in all my shirts and some sweaters. I don't buy cheep shirts so that is out. Some of the shirts I have only worn one time and didn't wash first. Usually there are three or four holes.. I'm thinking it is from my jean buttons. At first I thought it wad the dogs,but I have been careful with their jumping.I have granite countertops, but the problem started before the countertops. This seems to have started about the time I bought my first Ford suv, but the seat belt isn't ruff. I wear jeans most of the time and I'm thinking it must be the jeans.

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Ok ladies we solved this problem..the same was happening to my sister and I. So after doing all the things like check counter and washing machine we tried the theory that it was the little tab over the jean button and with washing it sticks out more and more. My sister got a few belts..the kind with a D ring and she got a few different colors and they work well for her. I don't wear belts but it worked for her NO MORE HOLES so instead I purchased 2 of the Lycra stretchy bands that are sold for pregnant women to cover the top of jeans. (Layering would work too bute this helps! I don't like to)
Also the band helps with the plumbers butt too ...hop

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It seems little tiny holes are appearing in all soft cotton type fabric. This has been going on for 4 years and everyone initially thought that it was their detergent, washing machine or that they pulled the fabric somehow. It turns out that it's defective fabric used to make these clothes.
After 4 years of throwing money away, I am starting to return all items or go back to the manufacturers to resolve these issues. Shirts made from this fabric last 2-6 months at max if worn a couple of times a month. I started to return all the shirts made from this defective fabric in the last few months. Neiman's, Nordstom, Gap, Barney's have all acknowledged this problem when I returned these shirts. Saks Fifth Ave still won't admit this problem exists and said they are looking into it and did not issue me a credit.

Bring it back to the retailer/manufacturer!!! They need to stop using this fabric!

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I appreciate the post by babymama. But my holes are in a pattern, the same pattern every time. And I have had it happen before I washed it the first time!
It only happens with cotton. Well- one had 5% 'modal".
I'm still convinced it's an energy issue- and apparently, others have it, too! (-:
At least I am not a freak! Lol.

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I find this subject fascinating! on the level of UFO's. I thought I was going crazy when only in the past 4 years I noticed these tiny holes. I casually mentioned it to my sister and we just cracked up in our comparisons.
I want to add to the theories!

1. Could it be hard water building up and it breaks down the fibers more easily. Or the hard water causes jeans to be more "sharp"
(we moved from SF which has very soft water and I never saw this)

2. Could tiny splatters of oil from cooking, combine with the fiber or chemicals on shirt , cause it to break down.
This also assumes that maybe the present day fibers are being treated with something they never did in the past? Again mine are the cheaper shirts from target, kohl's etc. I've seen it on cotton and synthetics.

I'm leaning towards the rubbing theory since I've inspected my DH's cheap undershirts, and not a single hole on them (obviously these are tucked in so never any rubbing!)
thanks that's my $.02. : )

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I do not have holes in the fronts of my cotton knit shirts, ever. I am old fashioned & I tuck them into my jeans (to my daughter's disapproval, but I hate a draft up my back).

I am also too lazy to shop in stores and nearly every tee I own came from LL Bean and is either pima cotton short sleeve tee or turtleneck, or "Bean's Cotton" tee, either turtleneck or short sleeve tee. I also have some tees with sayings, etc on them that I use for gardening, painting, and so on & they have plenty of holes in them---but they are 25 years old and the holes came from rose thorns and such.

I also wear sweaters and sweatshirts over my shirts in winter.

I think the folks with holes in cotton shirts in the same place are wearing them untucked and rubbing them against the jeans button/snap, and other things like desk fronts, kitchen counters, laptops, etc. And are buying cheap fiber shirts -- I did not say the shirts are inexpensive; I think you are getting ripped off at Nordstrom's, Gap, and the like.

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Wow, this is so interesting!! Nice to know I am not alone :) I have had holes in the front around the belly-button area for years, and it was driving me crazy!! I kept wondering where they were coming from, and I finally noticed that the shirts were getting the holes at exactly the level of my counters which have a rough-ish tile edging. I do a lot of dishes and cooking so I figured that must be it! My kids that do dishes also get these holes (and some of us are as skinny as a rail, some are not). I also get shredded fronts on my aprons, too, so I am pretty sure it is the counters rubbing that's causing this (for us anyway!).

I only noticed them once we moved to this house almost 8 years ago. I tried using a tile sander to smooth down the counter edges and I don't know if it helped much, but I thought it was worth a shot.

Oh, and out of curiosity, I checked my DH's t-shirts as well, (he never does dishes!) and he has a couple holes in some very old shirts, but overall his are in good shape. Weird.

Anyway, no matter what is causing this I am relieved it's not just me! :D

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Granite counter tops!!!! It is the little imperfections in the granite that snags my shirt at the middle of my waist at countertop level. 2 years of racking my brain and throwing away jeans......granite counter tops. Hmmm

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I still think it is a bug issue. Haven't totally ruled out silverfish. But because of the weird location and knowing I am not the only one. I am leaning more towards something attracted to human skin cells. So, some sort of mite.
Has anyone ever researched if there could be something in the manufacturing of the cotton? I know that the quality of all manufacturing, cheap and expensive clothes alike, has gone drastically downhill as my older clothes are lasting longer than my newer ones. Just a thought.

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Where did this come from....started in 2009. Good information, however.

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I have tried to figure out for YEARS what this was. A friend of mine said to me one day "oh, yeah, it's the tip of the tab where your pants button that sticks out and when you rub against a counter or the seat belt it creates a hole. The solution is to layer your thin shirts!"

I have done that and have yet to have a problem!

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It is not from your washing machine, I hope this helps everybody...
My wife and several of her friends had the same issue everyone on the internet is talking about "Tiny holes in my shirts and tops", and it wasn't just caused by rubbing against a counter top or the edge of a desk. Yes, that does speed up the process, but the button tab and hardware on her jeans or pants were doing it with or without rubbing against the counter, desk or a seatbelt. The silverfish theory is wrong because we don't have any.

She tried wearing an apron when in the kitchen and that slowed it down but still didn't solve the problem. The front tuck method people talked about will solve the problem IF you're willing to wear your shirts that way. So after searching around for what seemed like forever, she finally found a website with an inexpensive solution...and this site explains everything in total detail and has a guarantee!

The product is called Lickety Klip and it's cheaper than any apron I've ever seen. So when you get tired of ruining your clothes or are sick of getting the "Tiny holes in my shirts and tops" syndrome, you can read all about it at

Here is a link that might be useful: Stops Tiny Holes In Shirts And Tops

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