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PatMay 30, 2012

Wondering if any of you know about and if you have any comment about its rating of laundry detergents. I always refer to this site when deciding on dog food, laundry detergents, shampoos, lotions, bath soaps, etc., etc., etc. I like its scientic approach and I only use the "Health" column rating in each case to make my decisions, rather than "Society" or "Environment," or whatever the other two criteria are that contribute to the final rating. Thanks to their Health ratings of laundry detergents, for example, I have removed a lot of detergents from my laundry room and added some new ones. Really curious about what some of you think. Pleasantly surprised or not?

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As far as detergents, my household is sensitive to certain soaps. Never have a problem with Tide but Cheer always gives me a rash. Go figure. Right now using the Sears in the orange box and it is doing the job. Plus it's cheap when purchased on sale. When I find something I like I tend to stick to that purchase.

As far as dog food I try to check out who is manufacturing their product. If they have their own plant I feel they are more financially invested in ensuring the quality of their product. Some dog foods are packaged at big processing plants and do several brands. If they are doing their own processing/packaging then there is no cross contamination of the food, plus a bad news story could literally put them out of business. There is one food that used to be ISO certified, but I don't know if it still is since being bought by a large corporation.

So with all that, no I'm pretty skeptical about stuff written on various sites and just who is behind these sites and what is their agenda. Even reviews makes you wonder some times if it is the competition writing the bad reviews. There is one big on line vendor that is always asking to give a review. But the one time I wrote something really negative they wouldn't accept it.

So sorry, but in answer to your question, no I wouldn't use just a particular site to determine what I purchased.

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housefairy, I really hope this is the scientific site that it claims to be. I really did a major search to find out if it was for real and so far everything looks legit. Scientific means more to me than emotional or popular choices. I do understand what you are saying, however.

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I've never heard of, so I'll have to give it a browse. No doubt I'll enjoy the site. Scientific testing impresses me more than emotional opinions that are subject to the effects of perfumes and marketing. However, each person's body chemistry varies (e.g., why Allegra antihistamine works for most of my friends but not for me) so it really boils down to the individual ingredients in anything, including laundry detergent, as to which will bother someone and cause a reaction.

I always read ingredients, as I know (and am constantly adding to my list) which things cause problems in skin care products. I've had some bad allergic reactions to 'organic' and 'natural' skin care lotions, because I am allergic to certain natural things (shea/karite butter, for example)so organic isn't always the holy grail. Poison ivy is natural and organic, but there is a small percentage of the population that has no reaction.

Poor rinsing on the part of the majority of 'he' washing machines will cause problems with any detergent if it's not adequately removed from the laundry.

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Cavimum, then you will also love the site for the personal care reviews also. You will just love it period, I think. It made me realize why I love CeraVe moisture lotion more than anything else I ever tried to use, just as an example. And the make-up . . . . . well, I shouldn't say anymore here I guess.

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Cavimum thats a good point about the HE machines not rinsing and causing a problem. There are a lot of posts of people having issues with the rinsing on this site. Since I avoid detergent that I have had problems with, I haven't had any issues with the last two FL's I've owned.

Totally off topic, but when the kids were babies I always had to wash their clothes separately and then turn the dial around and restart the cycle to double rinse them. I had the old school, top load, whirlpool washer from the 80's. So even back then it took a lot of rinses to neutralize the detergent.

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