Kenmore washer model 23822100 shakes wildly

etbrown4May 23, 2011

Our Kenmore washer model 23822100 shakes wildly when spinning.

Looking underneath, the white wear pads seem to be mostly missing.

The 3 springs from the frame to the drum are intact.

The large triangle movable flat plate is completely free and does not seem to be attached in any way. We see 6 threaded holds in that plate however there are no screws or bolts present.

I've read that the white wear pads need replacing.

My question is, Has anybody tried this working from the bottom of the washer with it laid on its back, VERSUS the other route of completely taking out the tub to create access from the top?

Many thanks ET

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Going from the bottom would likely be difficult, if not impossible. The tub does not have to come out. Remove the outer cabinet per normal service procedures, then lift the tub assembly one at a time at each of the three skate pads to replace them.

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