FL Comparison: LG WM2650H versus Electrolux EWFLS70J

jayeteaMay 7, 2013

Hi there, I posted on here awhile ago looking for a front load washer that has an "add water" option. It seems like these are the only two washers that have this feature and I am stumped on which one to purchase. There is a considerable price difference between the two, but I've heard negative things about LGs customer service. Any thoughts?

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I have no respect for a company (LG) that puts the blame on "user error" with it's top loading exploding washers and the fix they come up with is to adjust the software that slows down the spin speed.

Stick with Electrolux preferably from a local appliance store not one of the those big chain stores that doesn't give a damn after the sale.
A local company has a reputation to keep and uphold and wants your business.

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Yes, I am buying from a local appliance store but he doesn't love either one of these brands (he likes GE but they don't have an "add water" feature). Thanks.

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Right now I'm pretty sure GE isn't making all their own appliances.
They could be made by LG or Samsung, though I thought I heard they were getting back to making their own products soon or in the near future.

Just so you know the "Add Water" feature only adds a few more gallons of water. Don't expect to see the amount of water as say a laundromat front loader uses.

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jayetea, can I ask why you feel so strongly about the "add water" feature? By going into the settings mode on my Miele W3033 I can select "max water", which I have, but I think that the better manufacturers also do a lot of research on the optimal amount of water.

Since most of us grew up with top loaders I think that we're conditioned to think that the clothes have to swimming in water to get clean. They don't. I consistently get excellent cleaning and stain removal with the relatively miserly amount of water the Miele uses. Also keep in mind that more water dilutes the detergent, which reduces cleaning effectiveness.

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I was talking to an appliance salesman yesterday, and he said that the reason that Miele and Bosch stopped offering full sized FL washers and dryers was that LG and Samsung essentially dumped products on the market and made their businesses unviable. This left only Electrolux as a viable FL brand for anyone who needs to wash clothes for more than 2 people.

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Hi Richard, I need add water because we use cloth diapers and wash them at home. For diaper laundry, you really need to be able to get a lot of water in the machine to do a thorough cleaning.

We thought about a top loader but like front loaders for everything else, and we won't always have diapers to clean!

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jayeta, I used to have LG WM2301 which I think was a predecessor of WM2650. It had very similar features, including Add Water. I liked that machine a lot and it did a great job washing. However, the additional water did not seem to make a difference in the water level in most loads. In other words, it wasn't significant enough to be noticeable. I now have WM3070 without the "Add Water" feature and like it just as well. It has Turbo Wash which appears to use more water in the cycle. Turbo Wash consists of two recirculating jets that spray the wash water onto the load all throughout the cycle and ensure better saturation of the load.
Another washer with the "Add Water" feature is the high end Frigidaire front loader FAFS4174. The feature is called Max Fill. I believe it also has recirculating jets which I think would be helpful for washing diapers. I have read some good reviews of that washer and considered it when buying my current LG. But my local stores did not have any Frigidaires on display and I was hesitant about buying a washer without seeing or touching it.

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Izeve, thank you so much for this information on the Frigidaire! I will check it out.

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