speed queen awn 542 and adg3lr dryer

bcsnaveMay 3, 2013

Just purchased Speed Queen AWN 542 and ADG3LR Dryer

Great ..GREAT products. My 8 year old Front Load Kenmore HE3T washer and dryer (Whirlpool Duet) was not the great machines they appeared to be.

The pump was replaced in the washer in 2009 and it is going out again. The dryer has a moisture sensor and was going out. The Speed Queens are "old school" analog controls and flat out work.

I am not affiliated with the company... just a 53 year old consumer that needs a great washer and dryer.

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Hi,new to the forum. Just purchased a Speed Queen washer this past march. Model AWN 432 and gas dryer model ADG4BR last month. Far and away better than the Maytag bravos it replaced after only 2 years
The last American company to still build an "old school" style washer with the best warranty out there. I hope the EPA regulations don't ruin this company. This save the planet, go green nonsense is way out of control. Let the buying public have choices.

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I agree with triedandtrye's post. The "go green" nonsense is out of control. Although the government can mandate water conservation features in washer design and manufacturing, it cannot keep people from washing their cars 3 times a week, taking 20 minute showers every day, watering their lawns excessively or flushing their toilets after every minimal liquid deposit. I believe the available quantity of water on the earth has been the same from time immemorial and that people will adapt to the availability of it in their own locale as need be. If the federal government wishes to curtail all mis-uses of water, it would need to monitor its usage at every tap in every home and business in the country. why not give the laundrymanufacturers a break and allow them to build products that will clean laundry?

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Question to any speed queen tl washer owners. Has any one noticed how much the tub leans doing a full load of wash? I noticed this on large loads, yet after the spin it is perfectly balanced again. Not any thing to worry about I'm sure. Just never noticed that in any other top loader I have used.

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I have read where the tub lean is perfectly normal during agitate.

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Yes, it's normal and supposed to balance the load.


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Thanks for the replies. Got a load washing now. All the classic belt drive washer sounds, similar to older belt drive WP/Kenmore and Maytag washers. Clean clothes, a rock steady quiet spin and all finished in roughly 30-35 minutes. Just good no nonsense machines. Sure hope they hold up.

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Mine leans towards the front too when it is full. I read somewhere that it is normal, glad to get it confirmed by others...LOVE IT

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Funny, the tub in mine leans back towards the cycle knob. I guess its supposed to because of the auto balance ? In any case, after the spin it is always centered again. Have had an unbalanced load or two and the machine didn't bang or walk across the floor so far. Great suspension in these machines.

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I have an AWN 542 being delivered this afternoon. I debated about the 950 Bravos and this one, thought about a Duet too but not too seriously. Speed Queen was more money than I wanted to spend but less than I expected to have to spend. No heater which I wanted but in reality, I've lived without one this long, I'm not worried about it. I can still get a hot wash. I was leaning toward the Speed Queen and looked at Bravos. They had sales and rebates going but no rebate on the 950. The decision maker for me was the other night when some thunder and lightning went through and it occurred to me that there's another expense for a surge/spike control for an electronic unit. Not as likely to be impacted on a mechanical controlled unit. Plus the perk is that I have a BUNCH of non-HE laundry detergent and I'd hate to have to dump it. So all in all, I'm probably coming out $300+ cheaper and getting what has the reputation to be a much more solidly built unit. Actually, it'd probably be closer to $500 since I probably would feel a need to get a service contract on the Bravos which I see no need for on the Queen. The sales guy didn't even try to sell me one! THAT was a surprise. He said they sell a lot of them and he doesn't even know of a service call on one. To me, that said a lot, not so much that they haven't had service calls but that he didn't even try to push a contract.

I'm looking forward to giving it a workout. And I have a lot of laundry built up so it'll get worked over.

BTW, did anyone else get the caution to clean the tub before using it? The dealer said to, and had a caution tag they printed and put on the units to wash the tub down with "something like 409". He said that Speed Queen puts a coating on the tub at the factory and needs to be cleaned off before using. Also to be careful what's in the first load or two - not to make it white shirts or something. So I have the cleaner out, will be ready to wash the washer before washing clothes.

The replacement is for my 34 year old avocado green JC Penney branded GE washer that died last week. Shouldn't that still be under warranty? BTW the only repair needed on that one in its life (until last week) was a 25â hose clamp. The clamp on there lost tension after about 25 years. I figure I've almost gotten my money's worth out of it. I'll probably miss that old workhorse but hopefully Speedy will treat me well too. They claim a 25 year life and that they've been tested to 10,400 washloads. I don't think I'll count them though.

While I think of it, for the folks with a 542, what's the water level like on a full load? I've heard rumors, don't remember where, that said they toned down the water level because of gu'mint regs. True or not? I understand there's an adjustment for it to turn it back up if needed but I'm wondering if there's any truth to the rumor or not.

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I found the answer to my question. Downloaded the owners manual while I'm waiting for the delivery and it says:
"NOTE: Starting January 2009, the Department
of Energy (DOE) mandated new efficiency
standards which resulted in reduced water levels
in the topload washer."

So I guess I'll need to make an adjustment to it one of these days. But while I'm getting used to it I guess I can just use the reset to add water.

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I readjusted mine to fill a little higher.just underneath the top row of holes. It filled pretty high right out of the box though. There's a YouTube video on how to readjust the water level. I'm not mechanically inclined, but it was easy enough. Takes a little patience but worth it.

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After 30 years of marriage, we started out with a Kenmore, then went to a Kenmore front loader, then a Bosch front loader- I wish I would have been smart enough to start with SPEED QUEENS! Loooove them! Love,Love,Love! Try to get the extra $ for your washer/dryer purchase and you won't be sorry! It's a pleasure to do the wash! Everything else is not worth it--like buying disposable appliances! TY SPEEDQUEEN.

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