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larrynkyMay 28, 2011

Currently I have a Maytag Washer and Dryer I purchased in 1991. They still operate and have worked well. Knowing that the new appliances are much more energy and water efficient I have been looking at new models. Today in Lowes I saw a new top load washer (Mod#WA5451ANW) from Samsung along with a matching dryer (Mod#DV5451AEW). It looks pretty nice and wonder if anyone has these and what are their thoughts. I believe these are new models from Samsung as their others are FL washers. My wife only wants top load and is not particularly inclined to retire the Maytags. Any opinions are appreciate.

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Keep your Maytags.

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I second Sparky's motion...although I have a fairly new set of front loading Samsung and I am happy with them... no way I would get rid of a good working set of Maytags...

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I was terrified of replacing our old TL set with FL because I am highly allergic to mold and had read plenty about those issues.

As I researched the newer HE TLs, I found I was reading about how the new 'HE' TLs are rougher on laundry, and that terrified me even more. We take good care of our clothes and they have to last us a long time, since we buy neither cheap 'disposable' clothing nor trendy stuff.

After reading the laundry forums here and at ConsumerReports web site, I made an educated decision to go with FL, as I felt it was the best choice for us. I now have a good handle on how to prevent mold & mildew issues in a FL, thanks to info I found on both forums.

I suggest you read as much as you can, so that whichever you choose, you will feel it is the best for your needs, or at least the lesser of two evils. ;-)

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Thanks for the messages. My wife wants to keep the old Maytags too. I will sit tight with them until I have something major occur.

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