Stacking different brands of washer and dryer - possible?

chanjMay 20, 2013

Is it possible to stack different brands of washer and dryer together? Our bosch washer is gone, but the matching Bosch dryer still functions well. We're still deciding what washer to get, but probably won't be a Bosch. I'd like to keep the Bosch dryer since it still works, but the appliance seller I called today say that won't work.

Now my question is: "it won't work" because (a) they want to sell me more products and make more money: or (b) there are legitimate reasons why different branded washer / dryer shouldn't / couldn't be stacked together?


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There may be "Universal" stacking kits but you would have to know what washer you'll be purchasing then see if there's a match to stack it with a miss matched dryer.

It's usually recommended that the washer and dryer match as the pieces that connect the two fit together.

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I was thinking of a universal stacking kit, too. They're certainly sold in Europe but are these sold in the US as well?

Here is a link that might be useful: Some examples from Amazon UK

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Thanks!!! That's a great idea!!! I'm going to troll ebay and see if I can find something similar here (or perhaps one of those chinese website that sell directly to US).

Thank you so much! Hopefully this can save me from buying a new dryer!!!

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