highend washer/dryer?

anna_May 27, 2013

Is there a subzero equivalent for washer/dryer?

Is gas or electric better?

The drain hole for my washer is covered with plastic. It looks like there is possibly a punch out that wasn't punched out. Or maybe I'm supposed to pry it out with a screwdriver? House is new construction. I'm somewhat worried that maybe they forgot to run a drain pipe at all. Is it normal for the drain hole to be covered?

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Miele, a German brand, is considered very high end, along with some of the other European makers. They don't work for everyone though because of their relatively small drum size.

A gas dryer is usually cheaper to run, but it depends on what you pay for electricty. Ask the builder about the drain pipe. If he didn't run one, he needs to put it on the punch list.

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go with a gas dryer!

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Miele very recently got rid of their residential full size washer and just has their professional line and their small standard European washers.

The smallest Professional one, the Little Giant Washer PW 6065 is a little bigger than their old full size residential washer and is about as big as a full size Whirlpool , LG or Samsung, But is professional grade. Like for a Motel or high end restaurant that washes table linens. It cost $4200

The matching dryer PT7136 is $3800. So $8k for the pair. That is the equivalent of Subzero. They will last at least 25 years in a residential application. The old residential washer could only reach a temp of 150 degrees. The Little Giant will reach 195 degrees.

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$8k plus tax is about 5.5 times of a regular pair Speed Queen Top Load set. SQ set does everything a regular washer and dryer would do. The set should last 20 years.

You could take $8K, purchase a SQ set and put the left over into a SP500 mutual fund. After 20 years, you could sell some shares to buy another new set of SQ, and still have quite a lot left in the mutual fund account.

Or you could buy the $8k set now, and after 20 years, you have a pair of 20 years old Miele set.

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SQ does not do what the Little Giants do or at least not as well.

You could buy an Amana instead of Sub Zero and put the balance in a mutual fund.

But OP did not ask about the Amanas of laundry.

Some people are wealthy enough to put more than enough in the retirement fund, college fund, trust fund and buy premium appliances.

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OP also asked "is gas or electric dryer better?", right?

This is not about "should or should not spend", it is about making choice as a consumer, being wealthy or not.

Little Giants had better do much than SQ for the 5.5 times price it demands, but is it 5.5 times better than SQ? now,you are branching into cost/benefit comparison then at least should include the cost of warranty, and potential repair cost for the span of 20 years.

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The Miele Little Giants are definitely the answer. My local appliance store has a floor model that I love to drool over whenever I stop in. They look every bit as expensive as they are but may be a bit too industrial looking.

I have to wonder though if you want the best performance or the biggest wow factor? I love my commercial dishwasher and need it's quick wash times and performance level. It is not the most elegant looking. A work horse generally isn't.

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The Miele Little Giants are definitely the answer.

^^^ Ditto ^^^

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