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RonthemanSeptember 17, 2012

My sons central AC unit just died. After checking around he found someone who carries Trane and also York AC units.York CZH 16 seer unit and Trane XR16 units were recommended to him. Rebate on the York unit was $1000 and brought it down to $9450. + Tx and the Trane only had a $150 rebate. Both were similar in cost and similar in warranty. Not sure which one to see him get. Salesman said he has a York and loves it.. Says the york and trane both have 2 speeds, but that if anything happens to the compressor on the york, you only have one compressor and the trane has 2, but if one goes bad, you have to replace them both.... Anyone with knowledge on these units that can give me a clue on which one might be better or are they both good units.



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Both are good units. Need full model numbers of both indoor and outdoor units being quoted to make an accurate comparison. The XR16 does not have 2 compressors -- only Trane's XL20i unit does, and it is not always the case that both compressors would need to be replaced should one fail. Certain failures (i.e., burnout with acid contamination building up in the system) would require replacement of both compressors, whereas with a mechanical failure alone it may not be necessary to replace both. I personally have the XL20i and love it. It would be wise to get 2-3 estimates (or more) to compare all of your options. If I were making the decision, I would tend to lean toward the Trane (one reason being I prefer their aluminum coils over copper coils of other manufacturers), but both York and Trane make good equipment.

Best of luck in finding the best installer to do the job. This is of utmost importance.

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Is he replacing furnace also? 10k for condenser/ evap seems high.

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