I am so mad I didn't go to the doctor earlier!!!

joann23456January 31, 2013

So, I got sick on Monday afternoon. Spiked a high fever, body aches, chills, congestion, sore throat, headache, the works. Had my sister, who is an R.N., check my throat for white patches, as I've had strep throat a number of times. No white patches. And my throat just didn't feel quite as awful as it usually does with strep, though my lymph nodes are swollen like tennis balls. So I stayed in bed, kept hydrated, and waited to get better.

Emailed the doctor today, and she told me to come in, as I have chronic health problems and she wanted to check me out. And yes, it's strep.

I could have felt better two days ago, if I hadn't been a conscientious "let your body heal itself" person!

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That has happened to all of us. My GD is a LPN and sometimes my DD will wait too long. DO hope you feel better. But like I tell her, we improve our listening skills with age. LOL.

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Sorry to her your sick. Hope you get well real fast!

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Sounds like the flu too. I guess it could be both....or is it "just" strep?

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I've been guilty of doing the same thing and afterwards angry I didn't see the doc sooner. I've had strep a number of times when the sore throat was so minimal, sucking on a hard candy seemed to do the trick. Strep can fool you. It doesn't have to be painful......I've had that kind, too where I've slept in a chair with ice packs on the throat. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

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I wonder about whether it could have been both, Susan. Though strep throat can certainly make you feel terrible.

I'd probably do the same thing next time, though. :)

I wish they made small-quantity versions of home strep tests.

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Take good care Joann. This year's flue is so bad and if you have both, you'd need to be extra careful.

Hope you feel better soon.

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I've had strep. Miserable, you feel like you've been run over by a truck. ope you do feel better soon.

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Are you on antibiotics? I always take pro-biotics too -- want to avoid 'other' problems. Hope you'll bounce back fast.

I came to Maui with a sore throat Jan. 4 and also waited until I had a little fever to go to a doctor. No strep, just rattles in my lungs. We played with Prednisone for a week; no improvement.

I took my last of 14 Leviquin yesterday. Seems I've had pneumonia. Hoping the cough doesn't return now that I'm off the antibiotic (which was a Big Nasty).

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