Deciding on a Trane or Rheem

tiburon_cubaSeptember 1, 2014

Hello there!
I have to replace my A/C system as soon as I can because the radiator in the condenser is totally rotten in the outside part so the system is cooling half of what it was before My current system is 2 ton Corsair. I live in Florida, in the west of Boca Raton. My house is 1300 SF villa, so common wall on each side, 3 sliding doors, 2 windows, and the front door. The sun only hit the front and smaller (80"X 72") in the late afternoon. The ceilings are 8' high but the dining /living room area that has a vaulted ceiling , let's say about 11-12 feet high.
I upgraded the single return to a return with a filter in each room and a main filter at the entrance of the air handler, which is in horizontal position in the atic with easy access to it. It is mounted in an space 24" wide and 5 to 6 feet long but could be more.
So, I am deciding on a Rheem or a Trane 16 SEER system, I called a few companies to get prices but didn't get any info of the condenser or air handler models. The prices I got for a 16 SEER Rheem system are between $2000 and $2300 don't know about the Trane ones, I guess a little more.
I would like to hear some opinions from you guys and advise on what I should get .

Thank you in advance.

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You have really provided very few details here, no model numbers of systems being considered. I assume this will be straight AC systems maybe with small heat strip. But in general I think Trane is superior plus holds up better in a coastal environment.


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Thank you for your answer tigerdunes. Yesterday I didnt have the possible models rheem or trane. I called again today and got some info.

Rheem system: condenser 14AJM36A01
Air Handler AHLLHM3621JA

Trane system: condenser 4TTB6036 A1000A
Air handler GAM5A0B36

Both for the same price.

I would like to hear some suggestions, i yave real as much as I could online but So I dont know enough to know about which system could be better for my house, thats what I need to know.


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The Rheem condenser quoted is low end and made South of the border. I would not have it.

On the Trane, I am not a fan of the XB series of condensers.

Here is an alternative. I would recommend either. The XR15 is being discontinued but this has more to do about howcTrane names and markets their products. Not a big deal at all.

4150911 Discontinued Systems TRANE XR15 TRANE 4TTR5036E1 GAM5A0B36M31 1080 35000 13.00 16.00 1 RCU-A-CB 271 Yes

4150912 Discontinued Systems TRANE XR15 TRANE 4TTR5036E1 GAM5A0C42M31 1160 36600 13.50 16.50 1 RCU-A-CB 275 Yes
Excellent numbers especially on second system with the larger coil air handler. That would be my first choice.


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Did your existing system cool the house properly when it was working? If so, you shouldn't increase the capacity to 3 ton - you'll have a cold, clammy house if you do.

The prices you were quoted were quite low. If the installers are reputable, that's a very good deal (even though they are entry-level components).

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I would not go above 2 1/2 ton in size.

I am done here.

Good luck!

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