Is My Father Getting Ripped Off??? Media Air Cleaner Installation

scb76September 7, 2011

My father just received this quote today from a HVAC maintenance company in Florida. Seems outrageous to me. Please help. If this is an outrageous quote, then what is the cost of a typical Media Air Cleaner install? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Air Bear system 20x20x5 pro tech installed to hanging air handler- $1,495

Coil clean and fan pull- $695 ..... this is where we are pulling the coils and blower fan to clear of all the excess dust and/or mildew.

Duct sanitize- $180..... Sanitizing all existing ducts that run through the home to kill any existing air born allergens in the ducts.

We are also going to add another 1 year contract which is $98 to assure that your fathers system is running properly and check his filter.

All work is done for only $1295 by certified technicians and is transferable to next system at no additional charge.

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well is the total estimate? you have three different prices.

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Some companies charge $10,000 for an AC System that only costs $2000. Not unheard of to see a quote like this for a media air cleaner that costs less than $200...surprising, but not unheard of.

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