61% less usage

eaglemom100September 16, 2012

I just received my first full month with the new heat pump, attic unit, etc. I really squirmed at the price, but decided this should be last time I ever have to do this - so do it correctly.

The first month of usage and the electric usage was down 61% less than month before. The temperature outside was slightly higher this bill than the last one. On the particial bill it was down 27% usage in one week.

I read everything and made far to big of a deal in selecting what I did - but I'll take 61% less usage anyday. This means it will pay for itself in 5 years. Guess the advertising was correct - it said between 50 - 65% less, it was correct.

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So what did you install?

What did it replace?


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That's awesome. Enjoy.

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If your electricity usage was down 61%, the AC part was even more impressive if you can factor out the other electric power use. If you want to tighten up the calculation a little further, get the cooling degree days for your location, current, and historical, and add that factor.

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We replaced a 16 year old standard ac, and the attic blower that was - pardon the expression - jury rigged to work in our attic.

We put in a new American Standard 16 seer heat pump, new blower (matching) with variable speed fan (I insisted and love it) and added a heat strip. Also a new plenum, the one that was there was trash - it literally was almost like cardboard. The new one is heavy duty. We had done the duct work several years ago so its all new.

We were told that the heat saving will be more impressive.

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Now if you add in some air sealing and insulating down the road it will get even more comfy in the house and in your wallet.

Congrats!! See it does pay to research and listen. Please let us know what you think come winter time.

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Maybe one of the HVAC experts can weigh in here, but I thought heat pumps in cooling mode were not significantly different from using an AC-only unit. IE, similar cooling efficiencies were available, so a comparable (and cheaper) AC-only unit may have accomplished the same result.

If that's true, the savings you're realizing is from pulling out the old stuff, not from having a heat pump. Good deal either way.

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true that heat pump savings are winter time.
@ 16 years old the old unit (1996) was probably
8-10 SEER. so efficiency is much better.

bet you are loving the vs ahu. I'm really impressed
with the savings I've achieved with my 15 SEER
vs ahu heat pump. RH inside the house stays @ 50%
If I hadn't done the air sealing of the house..
ie: cases of caulk, bags of backer rods
my two ton hp wouldn't even touch the heat of the
summer here.
My install was mid june, and I've more than cut
my cooling costs in half. of course I put ductwork
inside living space & just last week replaced the
roof of the addtion with 1" foil faced extruded
polystyrene under lathes (for air space for radiant barrier) and reflective metal. and added insulation
for the roof..can't believe that it was previously
insulated only at last 2' at eaves. as it is
a cathedral style roof, I had only checked by
lifting up old metal at eaves..so all these years
I thought that the roof in there was insulated...
the things you learn about your own house...LOL!

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of
savings I achieve this winter.
then I'll decide about foam sealing the
floors of my house on piers.
then I might have to add the fresh air intake
on my whole house dehumidifier. I only started
using the dehumidifier last month with all the rain.
pulls RH down to 45%, so 75 degrees is really cool.

glad that you've done so well.
now do the blower door test of the
house and air sealing.

feels good that it is paying off doesn't it?

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