Breville Ice Cream Compressor...anyone?

LLVVJune 27, 2013

I was wondering if anyone has the Breville Ice Cream Compressor that Williams Sonoma and other places are selling for $399. I have never made homemade ice cream before but I'm very interested in making it. I'm torn between Cuisinart's ice cream maker for $70 and Breville's compressor. It seems like the Breville version will produce better ice cream because it actually freezes and it also have various hardness settings whereas the Cuisinart one will have issues with the ice cream melting and getting the correct consistency.

I'm planning on making ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt so having something that can get the consistency correct is a big deal for me.

Anyone have this ice cream maker or a different one that can help me make an informed decision?

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It's good machine, too bad it is only 1.5 quarts.

The Cuisinart was on sale for $15.00.


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I looked at it about a month ago but the weight made it a no-go for me. It's nice though.


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I just wanted to update in case anyone is interested in this ice cream maker. I've made 3 types of frozen desserts...non custard vanilla ice cream, strawberry sherbet, and a custard based lemon ice cream. Each one of them turned out phenomenal due to the high quality recipes and ingredients. I'm not sure that if I made this with a freezer bowl type of ice cream maker if my end results would be much different but the convenience of having a let's make ice cream now ability is really nice. I think that having a compressor maintains an ideal temperature is nice as well. I feel that there is a need to use a very cold base even with the compressor as it reduces the churning time as well as lowers the temperature inside of the appliance.

The paddle does get a little but iffy once the ice cream has substantially thickened to soft serve consistency. All 3 times I had to stop the machine prior to the automatic setting sounding for fear the paddle would break or the motor would burn out. However, once the machine starts to struggle, the ice cream has always been ready to go into the freezer. It's always a soft serve consistency, never soupy. After being in the freezer the ice cream is hard serve consistency. I enjoy ice cream both was so no issue there.

On a a whim my DD asked me to add Skittles to the sherbet which I did out of curiosity (definitely not out of need) and the mixer nicely distributed the candy pieces.

It's heavy but I can move it back and forth easily. It's quite large but can be stored. Based on what I've watched online, it seems to be a lot quieter than other ice cream makers.

Is this machine necessary to make ice cream...most likely not it it's really nice to have.

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