Trane furnace choices:XR95 or XV95 or XL95 ?

fisher_manSeptember 17, 2011

Hello, experts!

I read everything I could about Trane and still can't figure out which furnace is best for my needs.

According to the calculations I need a 60,000 BTU furnace and a 2 ton AC. I live in Pittsburgh, PA.

The question is about reliability and comfort:

XL95 communicating furnace - sounds great, but I am concerned with reliability

XV95 - a winner ?

XR95 - may be 1 stage heat is not great for Pittsburgh weather.

Should I go with the authorized dealer? What if the price is too high? The equipment is covered by Trane either way. Am I wrong?

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You will need a two stg thermostat for best operation.

What are you doing about AC?


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Tigerdunes! Thank you !!!!! Got some peace of mind.

AC - thinking of XR15 15 SEER, but may be save ($) and go with XR13.

XL is probably expensive.

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And I do prefer using authorized dealers.

Both XR13 and XR15 are nice condensers. Weigh the cost difference vs the potential savings. You do want a Trane coil, no third party coil substitute.

I also suggestive good 4-5" pleated filter media cabinet.


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Can you tell us to what kind of 'calculations' you refer? How about sensible and latent loads?


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Thank you, Tigerdunes,

Filter cabinet sounds good, but that's an additional expense. I may not be able to pull it all off.

Hello, Veesubotee:

I just used an online calculator, where you enter the square footage of the house, very simple. I do realize that it's not accurate, but different online calculators give me similar results: from 41,000 - 48,000 BTU furnace. You are not going to approve the approach, but that's all I can do.
Hope it will all work out.

Thank you!

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Right off of the bat, you could take 2 identical homes 1000 feet apart, but oriented differently. Each might have different heat loss/gain properties.

You could spend $50 and do it yourself. Take a look at You can try out the software to get the feel of it. won't give you any results. Need to fork over the cash.

P.S., don't add any fudge factors; already built in. Note: Always make sure that the a/c unit you choose has the necessary sensible capacity.

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One thought.

Assuming your heating load calc is accurate, you might check with a Carrier/Bryant dealer about a closer sizing match on a two stg var speed furnace.


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