Trane a/c quote...please help!

shillySeptember 11, 2012

I'm hoping some of you a/c experts can provide some insight and/or opinions on replacing one of our compressors, etc. We live in Southeast Louisiana where it is hot and humid but our winters aren't too bad. We have just under 2700 sf on a slab, one story and double paned windows. The unit that serves the master bedroom and 3 smaller ones is the original Goodman and is 22 years old. We've had several repairs since we've owned the house (11 yrs), and are ready to replace. The other unit is a Rheem and is 13 years old (10 Seer). We're not going to replace that one yet.

We have researched and decided we want a Trane...but which one is like trying to decipher Greek! We have a quote--4 different options, and we are not sure which one would be the best one. Hope someone can provide some help!

Oh, the furnace was replaced before we bought this house in 2011...

1. Replace 2 ton condenser, 13 seer and coil (4TTB3024 and 4TXFH033) - $3,894

2. Replace same condenser, but with XB-13, and furnace (TUE1A040A924)

and coil (4TXCA024BC) - $5,892

3. Replace same condenser (XB-13), furnace (TUD2B060A9V3), coil (4TXCa024BC) and thermostat (TCONT200) variable speed - $6,992

The ductwork is good...he said no need to replace. We could always add the furnace later when we replace the other unit, but would it be better to do it now?

The next quote is for the XR-15, but it is $8,116 and we don't want to do that. Any feedback on the above three??

Would so appreciate help!

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I'll tell you what experts say on this board...don't get the low end a/c models for any mfg. They typically have shorter warranties and are not made as well as the mid or hi-end units.

The Trane 4TTB3024 is the low-end XB13 condenser. You want the XR13 which is the mid-level unit with better parts warranty. Look it up at

If you are keeping your old furnace, then option 1 is the option to go with. I would just get the XR13 condenser.

If you want to replace your existing furnace, then you are doing it to get a better SEER than 13. The question is whether or not it's worth getting a new furnace at additional cost to go up to SEER 14.5. SEER 14.5 is about 9% better energy savings than SEER 13.

If your existing furnace is under 10 years old, then I would just get a new evap coil and a new a/c condenser.

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Thanks for the info! Actually, the furnace is 11 years old. We bought the house in 2001 and it had just been replaced. Maybe we should replace it now and get the XR condenser...would that be your recommendation?

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The XB and XR models actually have the same warranty when registered. Many brands went to 10 year parts warranties on all of their lines to stay competitive with each other. Main differences on the XR model are sound deadening features and slightly nicer cabinet. I would go for the XR myself -- should not be much extra.

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I agree with Ryan.

I would want the two ton XR13 condenser and as an alternative furnace, I would look at the Trane's XT80 furnace with high eff blower 40 KBTU model. This should be more than enough BTUs for SE Louisiana location. Matching evap coil of course. Gets you to 14 SEER. 803 thermostat or HW equivalent plus whole house media filter cabinet. A nice system. Should be in your budget range.


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Thanks for the information on the warranties. I've heard the same from some dealers that came to my house. They said that most manufacturers increased the parts warranty on their low-end units to 10-years.

It's a little tricky with warranties because there are different warranties for different components like the furnace vs condenser vs coil.

Also, each component has different warranties for different parts. For example, the compressor in the condenser sometimes has a limited lifetime warranty while the other parts are only 10-years.

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Here's warranty photo from the Trane web site taken today. It says that the XB13 only has 10-Year Compressor, 5-Year Coil, 5-Year functional parts. So, the mfg's web site adds to the confusion.

The XR13 has 10-years for the compressor, coil, and functional parts.

In terms of replacing the depends if you have money to burn and time to enjoy the energy savings. It sounds like you need to spend about $2k to get the furnace and now you have to figure out how many years it would take to get the money back with the additional energy savings that you get.

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Thank you for all the info! I called the company who gave the estimate yesterday to ask about the XR13, and they said it has been discontinued. Have another company coming tomorrow and I will ask him... Will get one more probably, so we can compare apples to apples!

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I got a quote last week from a Trane dealer in Southern California and they still carry the XR13. Maybe it depends on where you live.

The XR13 can get you up to 14 SEER with the correct coil and furnace. 14 SEER is about 5% more efficient than 13 SEER according to the Trane brochure (see photo).

Depending on your electric cost to run the a/c in your house, you could save about $20 per year (say your electric bill for a/c is $100 a month, 5% savings is $5/month, run a/c 4 months = $20/year). This is just my guesstimate.

So, it may take 10 years to get your money back to pay for the $2k extra for furnace.

I would go for option #1...just replace the condenser and get a new matching coil. When the furnace goes out, then get a more efficient furnace.

Now, if you want to go to SEER 16, then you need to replace more equipment and maybe ducts/registers.

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By the way, you are replacing a 22 year old Goodman which lasted a good number of years. The 1990 condensers were probably rated at 8 SEER according to this chart. It's considered a 0% savings at 8 SEER.

So, going to 13 SEER from an 8 SEER is a 38% savings based on the previous chart.

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Oh, my math was off a little on the number of years to get your money back.

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I am buying new unit and have received 4 quotes and it appears that the best quote so far is for a Trane 3-ton unit XB13 (house is 1499 sq feet) Heater 9.6KW, 34,600 BTU, 1 new return added (only have one presently), Condenser is 4TTB30306, Air Handler is TEM3AOB36531. They are a long standing company and are "A" rated on Angie's list. The quote is for $5,000. This includes removing the old condenser from on the roof?? and relocating the new one to the side of the house. Duct work appears good. Does this sound like a good quote. All the other quotes I have received were in the same price range but were all for 2.5 ton units. What do you think?

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All those graphs & charts on SEER savings are actually rather meaningless; as it all depends on the quality of the duct system & the install, etc.

A higher SEER Rating may not achieve it depending on all the factors that affect SEER realization.

More authenticated survey test corroboration; the surveyed HVAC systems were systems that they had complied with their programâÂÂs energy standards and "all had received substantial incentive payments," but delivered an average of only 63% of their Rated Btu/Hr to the homes & 50% of the required airflow.

70% of homes in California are operating at 50% capacity. - California Energy Commission

Here is a link that might be useful: What HVAC Consunmers averaged getting, even qualifing for Rebates

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