Bosch Nexxt 500 plus washer not draining

shappyMay 5, 2009

It worked fine until I decided to wash some items alone. Like a large bathroom rug. Then an athletic top alone. They both came out sopping wet. Seemed to work fine on other loads, I thought it was because I put it on quick wash or kids cycle.

Anyway Sears repair man came today and said it was because I had only put in one item and the load couldn't balance, said the pump was fine. At least that's what I thought happened, this guy's English skills were appallingly poor.

Thought I'd add this as an FYI.

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So the washer drains out OK (no small pool of water in the bottom of the drum), but the items are still extremely wet, correct?

I could see a single large bathroom rug not being able to balance out and spin, although I've had remarkably good luck cleaning ours. If it isn't big enough to wrap around the drum and is quite heavy when wet it may just be too much for the tolerance range of the spin, to prevent banging. That being said, a single athletic top should be pretty trivial to spin since even wet it wouldn't weigh that much. I've washed literally dozens and dozens of single or very very small loads over time and never had a no-spin situation. I have a few times on big bulky things, though.

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Yes you are correct. No water in the drum but articles sopping wet.

It's pretty rare for me to run a load for one item (the athletic top) but I'd been soaking it for days trying to get a stain out. The technician said he even called Bosch and they confirmed that this was correct. So if you want to occasionally run one item this isn't the machine for you. OTOH this is the first time it happened in six months but I still find it a bit odd.

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I may just have to declare shenanigans against that Bosch rep! Unless that athletic top was made of brass or lead, I can't imagine how a single small item could so completely trip the unbalance sensor into no-spin mode. I've seen mine packed to the gills with towels and jeans and still spin, even though I didn't think it would considering how much wobble there was in the drum.

Did you happen to wash that top ~immediately~ after the big rug? If so, have you tried since? I wonder if the sensor tripped and didn't reset.... (grasping here)?

Just out of curiosity, how old is your Nexxt 500? Mine's about 3 1/2-ish years old now, I think.

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I bought it last November so it's about six months old.

It was the first time I'd tried the kids cycle for the top. It's just a lightweight nylon sort of zip up jacket.

The Sears guy said he called Bosch. Can't remember if I washed the top immediately after the rug, could have been. I watched the top try to go into the spin cycle--kept adding minutes onto the cycle and not going into the final spin.

I agree it sounds very odd. The other odd thing about this visit was that the Sears rep barely spoke English. I work with non-English speaking people all the time and anybody who speaks this poor of English usually just crossed the border. After he left he rang my bell again (I thought he forgot a tool.) Then he proceeded to explain this whole thing again how there weren't enough clothes, etc. I've never had Sears service before and if this is any example I'm sure glad I didn't purchase their extended warranty!

BTW I've been doing regular loads today and the machine works fine. I've generally been pleased with its performance but certainly hope this sopping wet clothes thing doesn't happen again.

Oh the other odd thing about this machine. I noticed liquid detergent had gotten underneath the plastic window in the front. He did take the door off and clean it and showed me that the way the door is designed if detergent spills on the front door it's not sealed on the outside and can leak underneath. Doesn't change the performance but yuck what a poor design!

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FWIW, I've had similar troubles with my Bosch Nexxt 800 washer since day one!

However, my non-spinning issues are not limited to small loads and I've had to drape sopping wet towels all over my house and garage before I watched one of the many repair guys who came to my house as he forced the machine to "spin" only (which otherwise is simply not an option on the 800 without knowing the special combination of keys to press to get into the washer's computer).

I've also experienced several "washes" where I was alerted by the machine that the wash was finished, and it told me to remove the laundry and I found that the entire load had not turned a single time! The water and soap had been dispensed in the middle, where it was sopping wet, but the rest of the load was bone dry, and it had not gotten wet at all! And of course, the "cycle" had taken the usual amount of time, so it was time wasted as I tried to convince the machine to actually wash the load.

My retailer has agreed to take back the machine since we've decided it's a lemon, and I've been considering replacing it with a Bosch 500 since I thought I remember only posts about how much people were loving their 500!

Now I'm thinking I'll take my chances with a replacement 800 and hope for the best!

Unfortunately for me, I had a countertop installed over my washer & dryer and did not have the foresight to make sure the height of the Bosch's was the same as every other machine brand out there. Of course, it's shorter by one inch, so I'm stuck with Bosch!

Good luck to you, and thanks for posting your issues to help others understand what they may be buying!

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You reminded me of something else I had to have replaced -- the outer plastic lens on the door of the washer was starting to loosen up and rattle badly during spins, so when the tech was out to replace the eaten-by-the-drum rubber gasket he replaced that as well. I use powder detergent so I've never had anything to leak in there, but that's good to know that it isn't sealed.

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I have the 500 plus and every once in a while it doesn't spin all the water out- I have to put it on quick wash (25 min) after rearranging the clothes- wish it had a "spin cycle" only.- Mine is less than a year old- I think earlier models had a spin cycle? My handyman re-levels it every few months- I think that helps and I only use Charlie's soap powder-(thanks to this forum) haven't had any other issues.

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To the posters on this thread:

I saw your post here and I wanted to respond. My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Cares team. I canÂt say the things you are experiencing are normal operation or not, because we are not technicians but if the problems persist or get worse, please donÂt hesitate to reach out to my team or myself and we will do all we can to resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible. If youÂd like, now or in the future, please send us an email at with a contact phone number and we would certainly be happy to help. I hope you will reply if need be as we are here to assist you.

Thank you,

Brian J.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

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Searscares: Good to see other companies out there helping people, too. It bodes well for the country.

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I have this washing machine and I absolutely hate it!! I would not recommend it to anyone. It will not spin out if I wash a single item, a small load or if the load is not the right combination. I have to rearrange the clothes and run in on the refresh cycle (sometimes more than once). I have had it about two years now. Worst investment I have ever made.

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Just had the same thing happen to my Bosch 500 Plus was one of my boys socks that got stuck in the drain right at the front of the washer. I took the circle opening off, checked the drain inside, and there it was, the cutest little sock you ever saw!!!

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