Whirlpool non-steam washer with steam dryer, opinions please..

newly_suburbanMay 25, 2009

Hi all, I am posting this on the appliances forum too:

The last appliances I have to order are my new washer and dryer. I am definately going to get the Whirlpool 9600 steam dryer but debating between the Whirlpool 9550 steam washer vs the 9450 non-steam washer.

I just want a good washer that cleans well. I am only switching my current old stuff because I need to stack them. I like the idea of a quick steam dry to refresh work shirts/sweaters etc, and wouldn't mind the steam washer, but the feedback on the steam washer is mixed and I really want a headache-free machine. ...anyway, if you can weigh in on the steam washer, would really appreciate it. (And dryer too, if you think better to avoid steam in both)

Thanks :)

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Does the dryer have a stainless steel tub? I tried the Whirlpool Steam Dryer and can't say I noticed a difference using the steam. I myself do better just hanging garments on a hanger and lightly misting them. Can't figure how steam in a washer would do any good. I sometimes feel they are just gimmicks.

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My opinion:

Don't buy Whirlpool Duet.

I'm on the board hunting for something reliable. My Duet died after 15 months.

And I live alone and don't use it hard.

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Honestly, you're always going to get people on these boards tell your horror stories of how their Duet broke after a year, or their LG failed, etc. It's sample selection bias.

The Duet actually is a solid performer and I've been happy with mines. Statistically, Consumer Reports reliability surveys are imperfect also but are far better than hearsay. Whirlpool is currently tied with LG as having the lowest repair rate, but the differences between the brands aren't particularly significant.

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CR's reliability chart shows the percentage of each brand that "needed a repair or had a serious problem." Let's look at two hypothetical brands, "Brand A" and "Brand B". 12% of Brand A's machines suffer from a drain pump failure. Definitely serious, but if it's fixed promptly, and the replacement pump doesn't fail, you get over it. On the other hand, 12% of Brand B's machines suffer from an "unfixable" problem, such as: 1) Frequently takes an unreasonable amount of time to spin, or fails to spin; 2) Damages the clothes in some way; 3) Failure of a component whose replacement costs as much as a new machine. Brand A and Brand B will look equally reliable on CR's chart. Which one would you rather buy?

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So, what is the answer to the question?

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I have the duet steam pair. They're about 2.5 years old and I love them. The steam though is a gimmick. Even in the dryer it doesn't seem worth it. The nozzle is in the back of the drum and emits water, not steam. You can accomplish the same with a spray bottle of water for a lot less money.

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I think there is value in what CR has to offer but like anything it needs to be read critically. Your decision should probably made looking relationally at the other info available to you (like customer reviews - which also need to be read critically). The other difficulty is that CR reliability is often dated - it's great snapshot of what was not what is or will be. They were slow to reflect the decline in Maytag and they have been slow to capture the improvements.

Don't throw out the baby with bathwater - there is lots the CR reliability rankings are not telling you but don't disregard what they are (telling you).

Appliance repairman advised me less bells and whistles = less to go wrong.

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