Miele Care Collection

nellymMay 24, 2011

I have a couple of discount coupons for the Miele's Care Collection. What do you think is worth getting in terms of cleaning products like detergent?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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My fellow Canadian! You took advantage of the free 10 year warranty upgrade? I did as well (in February of this year).

If you find Persil's scent strong, I think you will find Miele strong as well. Those Germans like their scent. A friend of mine received about $150 worth of detergents when Miele had to perform a program update on her dryer. I've used both the universal and the color and they are strong scents. I have not tried the sensitive (it would not be recommended for colors or dark though).

I ordered the delicate wash on the recommendation of @Larsi on this forum and ... I find the scent a little strong. I also ordered the dishwasher tabs as I'd read good things about them. I find they work extremely well (even in my KA dishwasher). I'm contemplating a new Miele DW and can only imagine how nice everything would come out.

Good luck. Please post back if you try something and what you think.

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Larsi, I did take advantage of the 10 year warranty deal. As you know, this is phenomenal for Miele in Canada and we got $50 to spend at the Miele store. How cool is that?

I just bought Perwoll for wool/silk and wonder how it differs from Miele's delicate version. Anyone done a comparison?

If the Miele sensitive is not good for color and darks, what would people use?

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This is my on going laundry struggle. Several years ago I used scented products and never thought anything of it.

When I gave them up for Free & Clear versions and then switched to some "greener" choices, I find anything too scented offensive.

I worked in the fragrance industry for over 10 years and could give you a long winded explanation about our olfactory senses ... but that's a whole other discussion :)

If you are scent sensitive you may not find a detergent from Henkel (Persil) or Miele that you can tolerate.

If only the sensitive is tolerable (like in my case) there really isn't an option for colors/darks from these two companies.

Both Miele and Persil sensitive versions contain optical brighteners which can fade darks over time. I'm pretty sure Miele says right on the package for white and light colors. Persil sensitive megaperls is definitely for white/light colors. They recommend using the sensitive gel version for colors but it too contains optical brighteners.

I use Persil sensitive megaperls for certain loads of whites that I want to be white (ie. socks/tea towels). I've had to look to other brands to fit the bill for colors and darks.

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