My GE washer doesn't spin out

sharry0123May 23, 2010

My GE Commercial size washer is just a little over a year old. The warranty is just expired. Anyway, wouldn't you know, now it won't spin the water out of the clothes. I know the drain isn't plugged because the water does drain out. It just doesn't spin. Anybody got any suggestions?


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Um....model number, description, something....please?

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Is the timer advancing and no spin (very common GE broken motor) or is timer not advancing?

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I didn't have the commercial version, just regular GE frontloader, but at some point I started having this problem too where it stops at some point in the cycle and I return to the load to find sopping wet clothes. I think for me it was something to do with the electronics. I think my husband "reset" the machine by unplugging it then plugging it back in and it worked again. It happened again several times after that, I still do not know what the source of the issue is.

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