Classic Downy April Fresh scent all thru the house :)

larsi_gwMay 3, 2013

One cap of my favourite GAIN Sweet Sizzle scent booster pellets in my Yankee Candle wax melts warming dish....and my whole house has a faint, soft smell of my childhood! I go thru a bottle of Sweet Sizzle each week! Love it! Sadly, I do not think P&G is going to return Downy April Fresh to it's original glory, so I just keep using Sweet Sizzle and Downy unscented. Smells 99% like the old Downy!!!

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That's interesting.. I never thought about trying that. I wonder if it would work in Scentsy burners?... I just don't understand why they had to "mess" with the April Fresh scent... every time I go to the store I smell it and think why bother?..... I switched to going between Mountain Fresh and Clean Breeze. I wonder why they don't make the dryer sheets in the Mountain Fresh scent?.....

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Downy still, oddly, makes the April Fresh Downy dryer sheets...that still smell like the classic April Fresh we all miss and love. I do not use dryer sheets, as Miele recommends against their use (and they make my lint tray hard to clean and kind of gummy). I hate to admit, but once in a while I do throw an April Fresh Downy dryer sheet in a load of towels being smells so good. Usually though, I just use them around the house, in drawers, under linens....and they smell so good.

I have no idea why P&G does not make Mountain Fresh dryer sheets! I have no idea why P&G does half of what they do.....LOL

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Gain sweet sizzle stinks, smells nothing like the old fashion downy. I did a load of clothes with it, threw it out and rewashed them to get the bug spray stinch out of them

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@ gates1....Really?? Even read the online reviews for Gain Sweet Sizzle, and there are a lot of folks that are commenting how much it smells, exactly like, the original April Fresh Downy liquid softener (not in the container, but after clothes have been dried).

What smells 100% EXACTLY like the old original, classic April Fresh Downy.....put 1-2 caps of Gain Sweet Sizzle into a medium sized bottle of Downy unscented softener. Shake well, and let them dissolve for a day. Then use! Classic April Fresh Downy!!!! Really!!!

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