Grabgreen laundry pacs, anyone use them?

bookertMay 21, 2011

Saw these at a local supermarket.

Anyone use them?

What results do you get?

Thought these would be great to take to the laundromat.

I really despise my obsession to laundry/cleaning products!

Marketing people love me! =)

I have so much stock that I give it away!

Oh well, share the wealth huh?!

This forum is my perfect vice.

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I hear ya' @ Bookert! I was just purging mine the other day (slightly disgusted in my wasteful obsession). I guess we could have worse (or more expensive habits) ;)

I have only dried the Dropps pacs - they were OK - can't speak to these ones.

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I'm washing everything in sight to start using up some of my products! =)
I can then justify in my mind that buying yet another product might bring me closer to an end to my madness! =)
As a side note, I ordered a large amt. of the Grabgreen dishwasher pacs with the Thyme/fig leaf scent!
My obsession sadly doesn't stop at laundry products!

I'd seen Dropps at Target, but they were pricier than the Grabgreen price I saw online.

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At this point, I feel I have tried almost everything worth trying (or at least's that what I'm telling myself these days).

I was purging some (giving to friends not nearly as "picky" as I). I've decided I'm most happy with a few in my arsenal.

I am REALLY pleased with Clorox Greenworks (I use unscented or unscented with a little scented mixed in). This is my go to for most laundry (like kids' clothes). I like that it doesn't contain optical brighteners and clothes always look great.

I am also very pleased with my Vaska. I use it for sheets/towels/delicates/swimwear/etc ...

I also use Persil Senstive Megaperls (Universal) for whites like socks, teatowels, etc ... I use this with my extra white setting and whites look great.

I've been adding a small amount of Borax with most loads (1 tbsp) and oxygen bleach (pure sodium percarbonate) when I feel it's needed. I have the Miele W4842/T9822.

The only "green" fabric softener I like is Shaklee's Get Clean Soft Fabric Concentrate. Works well and smells heavenly (fresh). I have tried almost all other brands and don't like them (Ecover, Seventh Gen, Mrs. Meyers). Some have a weird smell (like I can smell the soy or something).

Occasionally I use vinegar for a rinse (like with my wool mattress pads or items I'm storing away for the season (ie. flannel sheets), etc ...).

I've decided I'm happy with this so unless something irresistible comes along, I'm staying with this for now.

I also like to indulge in other cleaning products too (goes with the OCD addiction) ;)

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hmmm... the ingredients didn't list o.b.'s and I like you, don't like to use them much anymore.

I agree with your "like" list, although I don't have Persil. I use a powdered brand from Mexico that smells fresh and works great on whites.

My latest purchase was the new concentrated version of 7th Gen. powder. Lavender/citrus scent I think. I'm smell sensitive, but I can tolerate most of the latest so-called natural detergents.
Vaska is my ultimate favorite, but I'm in the hoard mode with that since I can no longer get it at Sam's club!

Happy laundering!

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@Bookert, how did you like the SG powder? I was "eager" to try it but most of the other SG laundry products have been a let down.

I'm not sure why buy I didn't find laundry smelled super fresh when I use it. It looked clean but didn't have that fresh smell. I also thought colors didn't pop as much (not sure if that's in my head though).

I had their previous powder (White Flower & Bergamot Citrus). Didn't love the scent (not that dried you could smell much) and found things looked dull/faded when I used it.

The new powder is a different formulation (or looks to be based on ingredient list).

I'm also not a fan of their scents. I love Vaska lavender but SG lavender/blue eucalyptus ... eh ...

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Emailed Grabgreen today. Received a reply that they use NO optical brighteners. They disclose all ingredients so I'm pleased with that!

Ive taken to using Vaska, Ecos, and Kirkland Eco friendly for my dark clothes "just in case".
I have good results using SG with light colored clothing, haven't noticed things not smelling fresh and I'm funny about smells!
I will say I've been using some old stock of Biokleen Super premium and love the way the clothes smell out of the wash! Clean! It happens to be liquid, but I have used the powder with the same results.
The SG products scents don't seem to last thru the wash as you say. Sometimes thats a good thing though. I hang dry as much as possible and nothing beats the clean smell of fresh air! ( lets not open that can of worms about clean air!)

Do you think the colors seemed dull due to the lack of OB's?
Amazing how most people don't give a hoot and here we are analyzing everything to the core! ha! =)
I will try to do some testing loads with the SG soon and let you know what my results are....

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