Electrolux EWFLS70J Washer long term review

fastonetimeMay 15, 2012

Hi there, so i've had the washer about 5 months now and i couldn't be happier with it. Not one service call since day one. I have done many many loads, big to small and a king sized comforter and the results were the same everything, sparkling clean! So lets get down to the performance...


I LOVE the fast wash cycle, for a small load it does clean lightly soiled fabrics with a quickness when im in a hurry or i need my t-shirt and jeans refreshed!

I LOVE the "Steam" option, i know many of you wonder how it makes steam when there is no seperate steam "maker" onboard. What i've noticed and love is that when you choose steam on almost any cycle "except heavy duty and sanitize" you can choose any water temp you wish, i know with my old LG Fl, that when i chose the steam option, to any cycle it always changed the water temp i chose to "HOT" automatically. So i am excited and thrilled that i can now "add steam" to a warm wash, a cold wash and so forth. The way i've noticed this works is that the wash cycle washes, then drains, adds enough water to cover the heating element in the bottom of the tub and therfore creates the "steam" no water is added to the drum and the clothes are tumbled in hot steam for about 10 minutes. Trust me, i've checked to see if there was steam and there was. I opened the door during the steam cycle one time and steam did come out!

Overall i am very happy with the wash cycles, the dispenser drawer and door open up with a breeze! I have noticed that the dispenser drawer needs to be cleaned every few months, i use fabic softner alot and sometimes it builds up in the drawer, no biggie to me, i like to clean! The "clean washer" cycle comes on every i think 30 or so loads and asks you if you'd like to "clean the washer" with a touch of a button, oh yea and a few cups of bleach. I use powder soap and noticed that the bleach doesnt clean all the residue off the glass door or tub, so im left to wonder if the bleach is even cleaning the inside workings of the machine. I have used Lemi-Shine washing machine cleaner and in one wash it made the drum and door sparkle and smell brand new! I'd recommend the lemi shine washer cleaner over bleach anyday!


This washer does a great job at rinsing, no residue is left on clothes no matter how much or how little detergent i use!


This washer is very quiet, i can hardly hear it when im in the living room (our garage is off the living room) It never leaves clothes soaked in water and i've never had it not be able to spin out a load. Depending on the load it can take a few trys to balance correctly, but not too long that your left waiting for your clothes to get done.

I love everything about this machine, the color, the wash, the quietness, everything, its been a real pleasure using this machine. I did have a few questions that were not in the book and i emailed Chris Polk at elextrolux a few times, with a quick response everytime, he has gone out of his way to awnser every question i had! Thanks Chris!

I hope to have a few good years out of this machine, i know every machine is different and some will have problems along the way, i also have the sears master protection agreement on this guy until dec 2013, so i have peace of mind just incase anything goes wrong.

Still haven't got the dryer, but would love to one day.

Hope this helps and please post any questions you have for me!

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Thanks fastonetime, so glad to read the review.
This is my first choice washer/dryer when my now 15 year old top load Whirlpool dies.

Cool to hear how the washer creates steam and that things are working great and your happy with your purchase.

Have you used the More Water option and does it add more water to the wash AND the rinse or just one or the other?

Just a heads up for others, there is an updated version to the Wavetouch coming out this September (I got that info. from Chris Polk).
He said and I quote:

"We do have a new line of laundry products that are scheduled to launch by the end of September. These will feature much of the same appearance and design, just a few additional cycle and setting choices that what is currently offered."

Thanks for the review.

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Nice review!

Here's a video from Electrolux about their Steam Washers:

Here is a link that might be useful: SteamSystem washing machine

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Still don't understand the benefit of "steam". Did you see the bit in the video where it says the steam is gentle because its only 70C degrees? (158F)

Been trying to get my head around the purported benefit of this feature ever since it was first offered. Still not there.

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@ Geo, what i've noticed is that it does add more water to the wash and rinse cycles. I always use the add more water feature.

and yes i do like the fact that the heating element creates the steam, now that im thinkingback, i had a maytag performance steam washer a while back that had steam, but a year later the steam stopped coming out or being seen during the wash and now that i watched the elextrolux video about the lime scale causing the steam generator to malfunction, i now wonder if thats what happened to that maytag washer.

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Is there a place to view the detailed differences between the models. 50/55/60/70 series?

The electrolux website is very vague on the differences. I'm thinking about buying the EIFLW50LIW but not sure what I'll be missing out on. As far as I can tell it misses the perfect steam, has a slightly smaller drum and less programs.

Does the EIFLW50LIW have the LED lighting?

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Kwerk, one of the best ways to see the differences between the units is to download the instruction manuals for them. There is usually a page that shows the cycles and options available in a chart format.

Another GW member posted this chart awhile back as well, and I found it useful.

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Thanks cj. I think that pic is slightly out of date, it doesn't include the 50 or 55I (which has steam, must be newer than 55H).

On your suggestion I searched google for "EIFLS55I electroluxusa manual" and it gave me the full specs to compare. Also the EIFLW50L.

For anyone interested the last 2 numbers on the model number are the color so take them off to search for info on google and you'll find more useful stuff.

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