How to Cut a Wedding Cake

mxyplxJune 9, 2014

Married 40 Years Today
How I Cut The Wedding Cake

1. I got married (at my request, her instigation) to a gorgeous lucious vivacious curly
haired 113 lb (down from 118 for the wedding) chick (woman) that I couldn't keep my hands off of and vice versa (something about dropping a hat) with 3 teen age kids from a previous marriage (they approved), 2 sisters, 4 brothers, a huge extended family and who was extremely popular and had a million friends the vast majority of all of the above whom I had never met.

2. Attending the reception (required) I sought courage, comfort, solace and refuge in liquid sustenance (badly needed).

3. Time to cut the cake: I stepped up to the plate (cake) and observed (sensed) that it was non-linear (circular). Hmmm. How to proceed? I asked how many people were in attendance. "About 40." Hmmm again. Ah, the solution. Circular cake is 360 degrees. Divided by 40 people is 9 degrees per person. What could be simpler? But! How to gage 9 degrees? Easy!

I layed off 90 degrees then took half of that = 45 degrees and half again is 22.5 degrees. Now half of that is 11.25 degrees so I squeezed the knife over just a tad more, called it 9 degrees (to a first approximation), and whacked off about 35 degrees of cake and asked, "How's that?"

4. Somebody grabbed the knife and said, "Maybe I'd better help."

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I've seen more wedding cakes destroyed by the "unknowing"..... Check out the link below for more information. -Grainlady

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilton - How to Cut a Wedding Cake

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Congratulations and felicitations on 40 years of marriage, clearly you both chose well. Your wife is very lucky in her husband.

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Happy Anniversary!

Maybe next year you can celebrate with a little

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40 years!

In another 7 years, you can give an address" Four Score and 7 years ago ------------"

Sounds like you scored good.

I cut wedding cake with a chain saw. Very fast!

dcarch :-)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Cutting cake is esp fun when you start and hit the cardboard they put in for support.

You notice how most weddings, the bride and groom cut the cake top and the rest is whisked off to the back where the messy work is done out of view of the guests.

Last wedding though, they had a mini cake for the bride and groom to cut and the guests had an ice cream sundae bar. Then they gave everyone a cake pop to take home.

Congrats on the 40 years of marriage. You should be very proud! (We'll be there in 4 years...)

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Congratulations on 40 years, DH and I also celebrated the same landmark !

One other way they serve wedding cake for a large reception, is that the actual cake only has 2 "real" layers of cake, the other ones are fake.
One is for the couple to take home and freeze, the other one, the bottom one, is for the couple to cut and take pictures of.

In the kitchen are sheet cakes that the venue is preparing for service to the guests. It expedites the service , specially when the cake is the dessert.

That's how we did it for DD's wedding, the cake was blue velvet. We surrounded the cake with dozens of mini cupcakes.

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My wife baked a popcorn cake for our daughter's wedding. When it came time to cut it the groom tried an ordinary knife which didn't work. He then pulled out a real big knife, maybe a sword type thing - nope. Next he pulled out a 3 foot meat saw I just happened to have, put one knee on the table and tried to saw thru - nope again. Next may have been a hatchet and I believe the last straw was either an ax or splitting maul. All staged of course.

Everybody enjoyed the whole thing except the brides father who took a dim view of such purile amusements at such a solemn occasion. Which is why he was not allowed to pay for the wedding. Which is one reason I am married to his ex-wife.

I danced with the Women's Libber from across the street (she asked me).

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"---Which is one reason I am married to his ex-wife.---"



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For our wedding almost 14 years ago I baked a small cake for us to cut and for our guests had brownies and cupcakes surrounding it on a three tiered oval stand my intended made. Somehow the word got out and now everyone started doing the cupcake thing! Or maybe everyone got the same idea at once that it is easier to eat a cupcake or brownie than a piece of wedding cake that needs a plate and a fork and a napkin and is always in an odd shape with too much leftover and costs way too much.


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