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richard_fMay 19, 2013

My month old Milele W3033 has developed an odd habit. It will, intermittently, make a loud whistling noise while filling with water. It doesn't go on for the entire fill and it doesn't happen on every use. It almost sounds like there is some air caught in a valve. It went away completely for a few days, then started back up yesterday.

I called Miele and they are sending one of their own technicians to look at on the the 30th. Since it's intermittent, I kept my phone handy until I could shoot a brief video that would capture the sound, which I've posted to youtube. I'll reply to this an post the link. Turn up the speakers on your computer. If you use headphones you can hear the water filling under the whistling noise.

Any thoughts or conjectures welcome. Alex?

Thanks in advance.


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Here's the link to the video:

Here is a link that might be useful: W3033 whistling while filling

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Any news richard? Resolved?

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The Miele tech was out to look at it today, and it made the noise while he was there. He hooked the unit up to a diagnostic computer, read the codes and ran a full suite of tests. The noise is coming from the water pipes (probably the cold), not the machine. No fault codes stored, all three fill valves are functioning perfectly. He said that it sounded to him like it was really coming from the pipe running through the bathroom adjacent to the laundry room. I'll give it a listen when I get home tonight and do a load. So the good news is that I may have a minor plumbing issue, not an appliance malfunction.

Sorry about the false alarm.

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Here's the final resolution. I called my plumber to come out and do some other work for me and told him about the whistling noise. He said that some air had gotten into the pipes, which could be difficult to fix, but told me to try doing the following steps:

- shut off the water at the main incoming water valve in the basement,

- flush the toilets and open the faucet taps, leaving everything open for 15 to 20 minutes

- turn the water back on and let everything run for a few minutes.

That did it - no more noise in the pipes.

By the way, the new M3033 is still running great and we still love it, even if we only use a small fraction of the available cycles. My only nit to pick is that I have to go into the Mastercare menu to get a 31 minute express wash cycle, while "Silks" has it's own button on the front of the unit.


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Clearly, you need more silk clothing :)

But seriously, this is great information, about the solution to your whistling pipe.

My set is a month out because of my slow remodel project.

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