Is Carrier heat pump quote fair?

RasjaSeptember 25, 2012

I have a 1,200 heated sf house in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Winters are mild with temps generally averaging in the high 40s during the coldest months.

My 2-ton 13 SEER heat pump needs replacing. I've received several quotes, but I want to go with a 2-ton 16.5 SEER, 2-stage Carrier Infinity system.

The company that quoted me measured the whole house, checked out my insulation and duct work. He did a load calc, as well.

Is the following price fair? It's a 2-stage model.

2-Ton Carrier Infinity model 25HNB624A003 2-stage

BTUH cooling: 24,000

SEER: 16.5

HSPF: 9.0

Copper refrigerant line with insulation 3/4 x 3/8

Air handler model: FEANF002T00 Carrier

Infinity thermostat (P)

Condensate drain hook-up, primary

Condensate pump inside, pump to outside

Clean all ducts

10-yr warranty on compressor, ID coil, OD coil, parts

2-year warranty on labor

Total price: $8,150 - $1,000 Carrier instant rebate = $7,150

Plus, I will receive a $300 rebate from Progress Energy.

Thank you!!!

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That is tremendously expensive. I'm not sure your location, but I'm in Arizona and my neighbor replace his whole thing for the same 13 SEEK, and 2 Ton for approximately $6000 (he got some incentives also, so he ended up paying $3800 or so).

I believe you should do the due diligence and attempt to get different quotes from different manufactures. Hopefully you've already done that... :)

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A two stg is overkill for such a small living area. Plus for your location, I would want a HP system that has electronic demand defrost. Carrier does not offer that feature. I would look at a Trane XR15 or XL15i, American Standard Heritage 15 heat pumps.


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Thanks for your replies. I decided to go with a much more inexpensive 1-stage Carrier system. It is a 15 SEER, and isn't quite 9 HSPF--it's 8.7. Total cost is 4,990.

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Post mdl numbers.

A var speed air handler? I hope so.


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I agree with TD. A single-stage HP, variable blower and demand defrost.

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The price of that unit MAY be a little over $1000, with all the other materials and labor, you may be talking $4000 or a little under, but the thing is if you go with a big name company, you will get a BIG price bc they have a high overhead, if you go with a smaller company you will get a lower price because they do not have high overhead and better work, because they want your referrals and you to be a happy customer, so they will take their time and do it RIGHT.

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Thats absolutely ridiculous, I HATE to see people get ripped off.

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