Type of washing machine for basement/ejector pump installation?

ChatsworthMay 15, 2013

We want to put a second spare washing machine in the basement of the house we are buying. The house already has a full bath down there with a tub/shower combination, sink and toilet and so it has an ejector pump already installed (main drain is at basement-ceiling height). We would be using the spare machine to occasionally prewash items that are either especially dirty or have allergens on them, so as to remove most of the nasty stuff before putting the items through our upstairs everyday washer.

I have no preference for either top loader or front loader in this particular situation but am wondering if one or the other happens to work better in an ejector pump installation? Hopefully some of the plumbers on this forum will weigh in with their thoughts on it.

An appliance salesman told us recently that the front loaders spin at a higher RPM than top loaders do. I have no idea whether that is true, or whether it is better or worse for an ejector pump to be receiving the water at a faster or slower rate. Logic seems to dictate that it would be better able to handle water coming out of it at a slower rather than a faster rate, which has made me wonder which type of washer is best for this situation. We have never had appliances in a basement before and so this is all new to us, LOL

Many thanks!

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A front loader will use way less water than a top loader, which will lessen the burden on your pump. Before it goes into the spin cycle it should drain and pump out the standing water in the drum. Mine spends about 2 minutes doing this, so I don't think the water would be coming out faster than your pump could handle it. When mine (a Miele) goes into spin, it spins for about 7 minutes, so there again, it's hard to see the outflow causing a problem for a correctly sized and functioning pump.

I'm interested in what other might have to say, but I can't see a problem using a front loader in your situation.

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