I don't likely kenmore elite top loader...

ajc9May 13, 2012

Hello all!

I would love some advice...

My washer is about 6 months old. I've followed all the rules with an HE model such as using the correct amount of detergent to using the 'clean washer' cycle. Our problem...

It NEVER gets hot and forever smells. I've literally tried everything. I had a repairman come about three months into the purchase and he said its just the nature of an HE machine...they don't need to get hot...the new detergents clean much better than regular. It bugs me, though, as I would really like my towels, whites and sheets washed in hot water.

We have the basic 1 year warranty. I would loooove a basic top loader with an agitator...that is...If they still exist! The only thing I like about my current model is it is large and it washes bedding very well.

Any thoughts?

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What is brand/model of the machine, please? Does it have a built-in heater?

"...they don't need to get hot..."

Your repair guy was either a liar or an idiot. Discounting temperature as not being important is pretty ridiculous.

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There are a few agitator toploaders yet available, but the selection is VERY limited.

Speed Queen

Whirlpool has a few (Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Admiral) but beware that some of these models run the rinse at a non-adjustable low water level of about 5" depth. (Actually, there is an adjustment for an alternate higher rinse level on a separate water level switch hidden in the console, but I understand that it's still lower than the highest wash level.)

Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart is a deep-fill agitator unit that runs a shower rinse by default but can be set for a deep-fill rinse (via the softener option). For energy conservation purposes (the "Eco" part of its name) it also runs a special "Eco Active" wash process (on all cycles except Perm Press) that involves a 4 minute "shower"/pretreatment wash at the selected temperature (five choices - cold, mid-warm, warm, mid-hot, hot), followed by an agitated wash at a cold fill. There is a user-programmable function to get a full-fill hot wash if desired.

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What sort of smell? You say you want a hot wash for those items (towels etc) but you don't indicate that they are not coming out clean - you want what you want but it doesn't sound like a performance issue (other than the smell, which is significant) or is it?

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Hi all...thanks for your replies! Pardonmy spelling errors...my phone is tricky at times.

Model #? My sheet says 796.2927. Asolo...yes...I believe it does have a built in heater and after searching the web I see this model sometimes doesnt perform. And, I agree...I think the guy that came ended up talking over me and was just blowing me off. I really need to be more tough and will do so when I call again...

Dados...thank you...interesting. I really didn't know hotness was an issue with some he machines! I felt like I researched enough...but obviously not.

Caryscott...the basic mildew smell. As far as clothes getting clean...for the most part I would say...except for towels...they just don't smell good no matter what I try.

As I type...I'm putting it through another clean cycle!

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The plot thickens.......

Machine has a heater but doesn't get hot and paid tech says that's ok.

Found manual at http://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/content/pdfs/148108-2.pdf Indicates you do have heater. I assume you have read the manual.

I suspect something's wrong with hose connections, heater, or main control board or some combination......but don't know. Wish I was there to noodle it, but suspect diagnosis likely not complicated.

Believe you're still under warranty. The machine quite obviously is not operating correctly. Suggest describing your problem to the service outfit and requesting a service tech with a brain. I strongly suspect this machine can be made to operate correctly via competent diagnosis.

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Pardon being all over the place here...having an 18 month old tugging at me while trying to explain this issue is tricky...!

Should I be using a different detergent? I use Gain HE and a tiny amount of fabric softener maybe every third load.

I keep the washer open to try to dry things out.

Lastly, I think what bugs me is the fact that it's an he machine, but I'm spending more time and money buying products for upkeep. Plus...hot water is needed for germs, dust mites...Ect. Yuck!

Thanks for your time and help...so appreciated!

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I suggest that until your water temperature issue is resolved, detergent selection should be secondary. You can certainly try other products if you wish, but I doubt that's your problem. Seems to me the problem is the machine not operating as it is designed to operate.

Once it's operating as it should you may or may not be satisfied with it. However, until it's working right, there's no sense in forming an opinion about it.

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Asolo...sorry...we were posting at the same time...

Thank you soooooo much. Yes, I've read the manual...you obviously know your stuff and feel I need to call for another tech. The other guy basically said if I want it hot, then I need to run it on the sanitizing cycle (over 2 hours long! That cycle says extra hot and is still just warm) Why, then, is there a hot button if it only gets to tepid?! Ugh. I'm too nice and didn't feel right after he left....

When using the hot cycle, what temp is appropriate? Like, where should it be?

Agreed on fixing the part and then forming an opinion...

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@ajc9, there is no magic bullet that will help with washing your towels in the HE washer other than allowing the washer (and its heater) to do its job. The cycles are longer because the heater needs time to heat the water to the correct temperature. When you said that the water is not hot on your Sanitary or other hot cycles, is that at the beginning of the cycle? If so, that is normal. The washer will fill with medium hot water and then the heater will slowly heat it up to the required temperature.
If you can't deal with long wash times, try washing your towels on Sanitary using the delay feature. Put your load in at night, set it on delay, Sanitary, max water level and extra rinse, and wake up to the towels clean and ready to go into the dryer. Gather up your towels tonight and try it - you will definitely see a huge difference. I promise you will not be disappointed and after a couple of such cycles your towels will be fresh, clean and soft. I wash my towels on Sanitary with Gain HE detergent (which works very well BTW) and have great results. Also, using the Sanitary cycle on regular basis will help with musty smells from the washer.

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BTW, hot should be around 120F. But you need to measure that towards the end of the wash portion of the cycle, not right after the machine fills. Also, it looks like using the Stain Treat option activates the heater in your machine (again, the washer will fill with warm water and slowly heat it up).
So again, the most important thing is to embrace the longer wash times and use your machine features to their full advantage. If you use any of Quick Wash, Light Soil Level, Energy Saver on your washer, you will NOT get good washing results.

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Izeve...thank you for the tip!

I actually just called sears and am running my own diagnostic test...haha. I'm checking the temp at different times during the sanitizing cycle to see where it's at. After the towels were in for 10 min or so...the temp was @ 80 degrees. The lady on the phone said it should reach about 110 or so. I will check it again in a bit...

I didn't know it gradually heats AFTER it fills...interesting.

Awesome advice all!

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Posting at the same time again!

The cycle is 3 hrs long. When is the best time to test the temp? Still at 80 twenty minutes in....

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If you are still at 80 after twenty minutes then it sounds like the heater is not kicking in. The temperature should be going up by about 1 degree per minute. I my washer the wash portion of the sanitary cycle is about an hour (total cycle time about 2 hours, including an extra rinse), it sounds like in yours it may be 2 hours? You should measure the temp towards the end of the wash portion of your cycle, before cold water is added to temper it and the washer drains.
BTW, 110F for Sanitary is ridiculous. You should get about 150F on Sanitary.
Also, if you have a sink near your washer, run the hot tap until the water runs hot and then start the cycle. What temp is your hot water heater set to in your house?

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I didn't know it gradually heats AFTER it fills...interesting. This may be the problem - misunderstanding - of at least some people complaining about insufficient temperature in HE machines with on-board water heating. The machines run on standard 120v electric current, with water heaters not more than 1,200 to 1,500 watts (possibly less). It's physically impossible for the water to heat instantly (as it flows in from the household supply). That's why sanitary and other higher-heat cycles are LONG ... it takes TIME to heat the water and the target temp is not attained until some long while into the wash period.

Household tank electric water heaters run on 240v power, typically at 4,500 to 5,500 watts and even they take time to heat up and/or recover from hot water usage. A washing machine (or dishwasher) with a little 120v heater can't be expected to function faster.

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@dadoes, I think you're right, there are a number of posters on this board who did not know that a heating element heats up the water in the drum as the wash progresses, until they read about it here. They expected to get instant hot or very hot water as the water was flowing to the washer. Sounds like an educational campaign is needed... Of course it doesn't help that the manuals never explain how these washers work (which in my opinion is necessary because consumers in the US brought up on standard TL washers have totally different expectations and understanding of how a washer should work from a European consumer) and that the sales people and even some repair people do not have any knowledge of how the washer works either.

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"...the sales people and even some repair people do not have any knowledge of how the washer works either."

Oh boy....you got that right! Shouldn't be the case, but certainly is!

Same with DW's.

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Wow...am I glad I posted! I feel like an idiot...but at the same time...the manual never explained this! And, my repair guy was obviously not informative. Anyway...My washer is two hours in and it's at 130!

Who r u all anyway?! Ha...strangers just helping me out?! How awesome is this?! It's been bugging me for months!

The real question is will it get hot on a normal hot cycle? It's only an hour long. I just can't see that happening? Obviously it won't get to 130...but...where should it be?

Also, I'm only doing a small batch of towels. In order to effectively keep the machine's odor under control, should my sanitize cycle be saved for big batches so the tank is filled up? Does that make sense?

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The heater is only active on the sanitary and bright whites cycle. Hot on the normal cycle is about 103 degrees.

If you will refer to your owners manual, the sanitary cycle is to be used with loads that are eleven pounds or less.

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"....the manual never explained this!"

Welcome to the HE club! They tell you the euphemistic names they give to their cycles but they don't tell you what they really do.

One thing that has become apparent to all of us is that the words "cold", "warm", and "hot" can mean whatever the manufacturer says they mean.....combined with the fact that they don't want to tell you. A very annoying circumstance!

For your machine and situation, I would call their help line and ask them directly exactly what the temperatures are supposed to be for each of the cycles in your machine. Make notes of that and paste it in your manual. Then measure what you're actually getting in those cycles for yourself so you'll know whether or not you can depend on them.

Otherwise suggest starting with basics: #1) are your hot/cold hoses attached to the right connections? There have been countless descriptions here of hoses being reversed. #2) What temperature is your water-heater set on? Many/most machines suggest hot supply should be 120F or better. #3 How long do you have to run your hot water tap before truly hot water arrives? With low-fill-volume HE machines, sometimes the hot water never actually reaches the machine. ( If you have an tankless heater, the problem may be compounded.) From your description of 130F being achieved after two hours, (that's a looong time) I am suspecting your initial fill is starting out dead-cold. ALL of these items should have been considered by the repair-guy before he looked at or gave an opinion about anything else. Diagnosis-wise, they come immediately after verifying that the machine is plugged in.

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Great news @ajc, so at least now we know that there is nothing wrong with the heater!

There are a couple of things you could try to get your wash as hot as possible on other cycles. Do you have a sink somewhere near your washer? Try running the cold water off from the hot water pipe until it runs hot first and only then start your washer. Second thing, select a cycle like Whitest Whites to give you a good hot wash. Most manufacturers use the Normal cycle as the basis for the water usage and temperatures to meet the governmental requirements for Energy Star (or whatever other efficiency measures), so that is the worst cycle for getting good washing results. I generally do not use Normal because of that. You have plenty of other cycles to choose from so pick one that seems to make most sense for what you are washing. You should be able to get 120F on Whitest Whites (try it and measure the temp at the beginning of the cycle and before the washer drains the wash water) unless your domestic hot water is set very low (you have a toddler so you probably do keep it fairly low...).
Try it and let us know how it goes. Hopefully the Whitest Whites cycle is not as long as Sanitary ;-)
As to your other question, I think that you are right and you will get the most benefit if you run a full load on Sanitary. I don't think you need it every time you wash your towels. Once a month should be plenty. Don't forget to use extra rinse, too!
Good luck with your laundry! Hopefully, with some experimenting with your cycles you will end up liking your machine!

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Markb...thank you!

I've only used the sanitize cycle a couple of times. The normal cycle and clean wash cycle clearly aren't getting hot enough...maybe 90...not enough to keep it from stinking that is for sure!

So, in order to get hot hot water, I always have to use the sanitize cycle?

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@asolo, when I looked at the manual for the OP's machine it is very clear that it is an LG manufactured machine (nothing wrong with that - I have an LG FL and I think it works really well as long as you take the time to figure it out). The thing is, LG manuals are the least informative of any manuals I have seen. They are terrible - they omit a lot of important info and what they say is written in such an obscure way that nobody really understands what they say. It's as if they are trying to write operating instructions that 5 year olds could follow.
Also, this business with the Normal cycle settings being super stingy with water, time and temperature. Of course that is the default cycle that most people end up using. No wonder there are so many complaints about how these washers don't work well....

The whole thing is like a big conspiracy among the manufacturers...

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ajc, again, do NOT use the NORMAL hot cycle if you want hot wash. Use Whitest Whites (or Brightest Whites - don't know what it is on your machine). You don't have to run Sanitary all the time, I think once a month or so should do the trick.

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I have the LG version of your machine. If I want Hot wash on a cycle, I set the temp to hot, turn the cold valve off until it finishes filling for the wash and then turn the cold valve back on. I was amazed that doing this didn't cause an error code but it hasn't so far.

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Wow..I can't keep up with all of these helpful replies. After the wee one goes toned tonite..I gotta take some notes. Seriously...this is great. I took the manual at face value and didn't realize how much it was lacking...wow...it's pretty awful!

I agree...the normal cycle is surely the default and I'm guilty of that for sure. I've learned through this thread, you cannot get away with that when you have an he machine!

Sweet idea about turning the cold valve off for hot cycles. I do run water to my sink beforehand but that hasn't helped. However, I was using the normal cycle too often...im sure it will help now. Why do they even give that as an option?!

Ok...I am going to test the temp with the whitest white cycle next...

Rock on! This is so great! Y'all made my day!

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The Normal cycle is what's used for the energy usage profile for EnergyStar ratings. The premise is the majority of consumers will use that cycle.

Which is a contributing factor to why so many people complain about frontloaders and particularly HE toploaders ... they rarely used any cycle other than Normal on their old machine and tend to be steadfast against changing laundry habits for a new machine.

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I'm all about education (come from a family of teachers!) so great to have more knowledge now. I'm anxious to use it the right way now and hope it performs better. The jury is still out on the heating mechanism...will try it on whitest whites as soon as my sheets need washing again.

Speaking of education...geesh...as I re-read my replies I'm still spelling things wrong and hope that I'm making sense. A rushed day...and typing fast without proof reading first...

Thanks again for your patience and help!

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By the way...my laundry room smells wonderful today...the way it is suppose to! Invaluable info all...I hope to return the favor in another thread where you might need help!

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That's great news, @ajc! Hopefully, the Whitest Whites cycle will give you an acceptable combination of cycle length and temperature that you will be able to use on sheets and towels. If you get around 120F on Whitest Whites then you don't need to run the Sanitary cycle that often, although I would still recommend doing it from time to time. I find that Sanitary temps are the best way of preventing mold and buildup in your washer and in your towels!
Don't be afraid to use other cycles as well - you have a large selection of cycles besides the Normal one. Try different cycles as you are doing your laundry, observe what they really do and measure the temperature - some cycles will use more water than others, some will do an additional rinse, some will heat the water, some will have less or more agitation than others. I believe that that is the only way of learning how your machine really works.

And just another tip on dealing with long cycle times: on laundry day, start with loads that do not require long washing times or high temp (casual darks, delicates, etc.) and then do your towels and bedsheets on Whitest Whites or Sanitary as the last load of the day. This way you can just leave it running and do other things around the house in the meantime. Also, running a really hot wash as the last cycle of the day will clean the machine nicely and take care of any musty smells or residue that a cold wash could leave behind.

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What does your manual say about the Strain Treat button? I remember that - on some models - it would activate the heater to raise the temp during the wash in three steps. If this is the case on your Elite, you might want to give that a try, too.

I can't believe the TubClean cycle runs with lukewarm water - where's the sense in that? Anyway... I read favorable reviews of Smelly Washer. If your new and enlightened laundry routine doesn't fully cure your machine, you can still give this stuff a try. Maybe on a TubClean cycle with the cold water off...


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This thread is a great example of how helpful most of the members are at this forum. OP, you're getting good suggestions and aren't you so glad you bought a machine with an onboard heater? Your original serviceperson should be FIRED for the idiotic comments about temperature doesn't matter, etc.

Anyone who buys a washer without a heater nowadays should have their head examined. But a big part of the problem is most W/D salespeople don't know squat, they don't advise customers properly. And don't get me started about what passes for service techs - like the jerk the OP described. When I call for appliance service I have to grill the scheduler about who they're going to send out, I tell them it's because I don't want to waste their time and then have to phone the boss to complain.

Congratulations on the detailed information you're getting in this thread. You'll have your problems solved if you read carefully.

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Always helpful to have a responsive OP.

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"Anyone who buys a washer without a heater nowadays should have their head examined."

I wouldn't dispute that my head could use some examining (candidly, whose couldn't?) but I'm not certain that my decision to purchase a washer without an on board heater is such a big clue. I didn't want a heater because I rarely wash with hot water. I know lots of people who don't. Beyond a little gunk build up behind the gasket (not a hard fix) my machine smells good and my clothes are clean (they look and smell clean anyway).

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Sorry guys! Busy mom and haven't been back for a few days. I also just joined a few days ago and am just figuring out I need to remember to have replies sent to my email inbox. Glad I checked the thread again...you all deserve the decency, eh? Geez, I feel like I should be paying you!

I've seriously made notes of all of your helpful replies. It really is ridiculous that my manual, serviceman, or the people at sears never explained any of what you taught me. Crazy! I am now doing my laundry completely different thanks to your education.

Well, I tested the water on the whitest whites cycle...it only got to 90...an hour and 30 min cycle compared to the three hour sanitary cycle. I need to try the stain treat cycle and fiddle with things a bit to see if I can figure out how to get a less involved cycle (the sanitary cycle) and achieve at least 100 degrees!

Is something wrong? It obviously did get hot for the sanitary cycle...but something seems off if I always have to use that one for a hot wash...

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Three hour cycle lengths are crazy. That would limit me to one load per night.

Surely there is something wrong when a machine can't even reach the temperature of tap-hot after an hour and a half. It could open the hot valve and have 120+ water in an instant.

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Ok, all...here is the latest...

First off, I agree that a 3 hour cycle is crazy and I shouldn't have to use it if I want a hot wash.

With the combination of turning my sink on next to my washer and turning the cold water valve off (great tips), my 1 hour heavy duty cycle reached about 120 degrees!

Having said that, I'm sure when I try the whitest whites cycle again and simply do those two things, it will get even hotter bc the cycle is a touch longer at 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Is there any harm in turning off my cold water valve? Meaning, does it mess with the pipes or hurt anything? It really doesn't bother me to do so...I just want a hot wash a couple of times a week.

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Hi -
I just bought the same machine - ran it 5 times as a test and it's lukewarm water. Very disappointed - I don't agree it needs to run for 2 hours on a sanitze cycle to get hot water - that's ridiculous. This is my second top loade - same brand - the other one heated up as setting indicated.
Good luck - sorry it didn't happen sooner so you could of returned it! Best, K

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You won't hurt anything turning off the cold.

If you have a thermometer, how hot is your hot water coming into the machine? (or nearby). I see you have a little one so I can understand if you have turned it down a bit.

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Kaac...interesting that you had the same problem. For what did you exchange? Fortunately I'm within the year warranty. However, I'm still working out the kinks and hope to keep it bc I do like it otherwise ( despite what the title of this thread says...misspelling and all!). I like that it fits my large quilts and such.

I'm going to call the service line again tomorrow (I'm actually working with a nice lady...I think they will exchange if need be).

Weedmeister...it's quite hot. Yes, we do have a wee one, but our water heater isn't down super low or anything. When I run the sink for a couple minutes it's definitely hot..I should put my thermometer under it out of curiousity;)

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ajc, 1:30 is a decent cycle length for a true hot cycle. Keep in mind that your heater will not continue heating on and will switch off once the target hot temp is reached. So if the target hot is 120F then it won't go higher even if the cycle time is longer - the washer will probably just maintain it for a while. But 120F is a good hot wash and should be sufficient for your sheets and towels most of the time with a Sanitary cycle thrown in once a month or so.

I'd be curious to know what your hot water runs out of the tap. I have learned to run cycles on my LG using the long hot water pipe lag to my advantage: if I want want a good Warm wash I run a Hot Perm Press cycle without running off the cold water from the pipes first. If I want cold, I do the same but on a warm setting. And I run off the cold water and use longer cycles if I want Hot or Extra Hot temps.

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I have the LG version of this washer. No the hot setting is not very hot coming into the washer, and warm is actually on the cool side. If I need a real hot wash, I turn the cold water off coming into the machine. The advantage to the kenmore is that the stain treat does heat the water in both warm and hot setting, to the preset temp that the machine is set up for. Im not sure if it does it with cold setting. Your washer is working as it should be. I too was disappointed in the wash temperatures, but this seems to be an issue an most all new washers these days, thank the government for that

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Hi aj,
I've been following your messages in my quest for the "perfect" washer. (Yeah, right). I think I've done too much research, which has made a decision difficult. We have a 7-person household and our washer died over 2 weeks ago. I was going with the LG TL until the Kenmore Elite (basically same washer) went on sale for much less. So anyway, we bit the bullet today and ordered one. I was a little concerned, given your issues with it. Are you satisfied with your washer now? Has the mildew smell stayed away? I haven't been very impressed with the reviews of most HE washers and am a bit skeptical. It won't get here until June 9, which means more trips to the nasty laundromat. Thanks!

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Izeve...you've been such a great help! As far as my tap...i just tested it and it came up to 120. What do u think? Who knew this would take so much effort to figure out...but now that I have most of the 'issues' nailed down...running this thing is much easier!

Gates1...yeah, i wasn't aware of all of the regulations until owning this machine!

Gemmom24...I do like this model, thanks to everyone's help! I haven't had any issues with smell since changing the way I do laundry. I would say the only annoying issue is turning off my cold water valve for my whitest whites cycle..but...it's really not a big deal. I love how large it is for bedding and such. My clothes are clean...and it does seem to use an ample amount of water which I also like. I think you'll be happy...just work out the kinks as I obviously have had to do! Bottom line...yes, I like it...it gets worked very hard as it sounds like yours will as well!

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ajc, glad I could help :-) 120F coming out of the tap is good - you don't want to go any higher since you have small children. Sounds like shutting down the cold water for the initial fill may be a good solution for you for Whitest Whites, if you don't mind doing it. Otherwise, I would suggest using Whitest Whites cycle with Soil level set to high which will extend the cycle time a bit and give the heater additional time to heat up the water.

I'm very glad to hear that you are now much happier about your washer!

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I have all these same issues with water tempeture on my machine and after a great deal of playing with it, I figured out that it's basically a water presure issue.

We have a house built in 1950. We have changed some of the plumbing but not all of it. For some reason the presure on our cold water come out a lot more than the hot. What this means is that for taking a shower the hot has to be turned on full and the cold only a very little bit. We also have our hot water tank turned up just a bit higher than the recommended mark.

It's the same principle with the washer. If the cold is coming out a lot faster than the hot then your starting temp in the washer is going to be a lot lower than the engineer intended. You basically have to find that happy place where you cold is set just the right way and the hot is all on just like you have to fiddle with it in the shower.

So what I did is measured all the temps at the end of the wash and systematically turned the cold down until I got the right temps. What it means is that our cold isn't on very much at all and it takes longer to fill a cold wash but It saves me from having to constantly play with the water during the hot cycles. Basically you want even presure for both hot and cold and if unfortunately your hot doesn't have a lot of presure than the cold won't either.

Our longer term solution is to get rid of all the galvanized pipe in the house that is causing all the problems with water presure.

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Water valves on many washing machines have a flow-washer on the hot side to cut down the pressure/volume and purposely moderate the ratio of hot/cold mix for a warm fill. For example, a particular water valve may give a mix of 40% hot and 60% cold instead of an even 50/50 mix.

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I don't have a problem w/ the hot water. But I curious as to what the cold light. Section is on the washer. I tried looking it up and I couldn't find it anywhere.

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I don't have a problem w/ the hot water. But I curious as to what the cold light. Section is on the washer. I tried looking it up and I couldn't find it anywhere.

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Nvmind on cold light I just saw cold dark too. I'm such a ditz sometimes. I have no idea what I was thinking. Though I don't have a sanitizing tab on mine. Are they on only certain models. I got the biggest model. So could wash bedding.

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