Amana dryer won't start but get's hot...

gagefamilyMay 30, 2014

I put some laundry into my drier and set a timer for 15 minutes. I just wanted to get some wrinkles out of my clothes and let them finish drying on hangers. When my daughter went to remove the clothes they had already stopped. The dryer would no longer start and the outside of it was VERY hot to the touch. We turned off the breaker until my husband got home. When he turned on the breaker the machine would not start but it started heating up again. I've had the machine for about 6 years. It is an Amana Model: NED5240TQ0. Does anyone here have any clue what might be wrong with it? If I have some idea I will be able to do research to decide if it's worth having it repaired (trying to fix it ourselves) or if I should buy a new machine.

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The heating element should not get power unless the motor is running. If it does, that typically means the element is broken and touching the frame (shorted to ground). Repair is replacement of the element.

Best not to order parts until the problem is fully diagnosed. There's a thermal fuse on the heater box that may also be blown (if the element is hot with no airflow over it). The fuse being blown won't stop the element from heating if it's shorted but the new element won't heat if the fuse is blown.

Element is part number 279838 ($45-ish depending on the source).
Thermal fuse kit 279816 which includes the high-limit thermostat on the heater box, they should be replaced together ($30-ish).

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Thank you dadoes,

I've passed this information on to my husband. I know it will be really helpful!

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