Current Draw on gas-pack w/two 110 circuits

ceburySeptember 19, 2011

I'm monitoring the KWH drawn from my 1989 Carrier 48NLT 030 gas-pack that is being replaced soon (live in CA). It is fed by two single-phase (110) electrical lines from my main breaker/panel.

Question: I was told the unit would draw (approximately) the same current from each line. Is this true?

I installed a Current-Transformer w/Watt-Hour meter (EKM-15E 120v) onto ONE of the legs and was told to double the amount to get the total KWH drawn. The watt-hour readings show the AC using ~1200 of the total 1500 kwhs my home has drawn the last few weeks. That sounds way too high.

I do know my baseline home draws around .5-.75kw baseline w/out any major appliances running. The AC itself draws about 3.4kw when the ambient temps are near 100F (~400w just for the blower), under 3kw when in mid-80s -- that reading is in-line with the manuf stated electrical specs. Of course, the other appliances that draw anything significant are the range, oven, microwave, and dryer.

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Should I have posted this in the electric wiring forum?

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