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empressMay 8, 2011

While living in a small condo, we replaced a tiny, efficiency stacked washer/dryer unit with standard heavy-duty washer and dryer in 2005, which we stacked. We kept the washer lid when we placed the dryer on top of it, but now that we're in a house and they are no longer stacked, we cannot figure out how to attach the lid on the top of the washer again.

The holes punched out in the underside of the back of the lid seem to fit over tabs that stick out toward the back from the main washer box, but we cannot figure out what happens in the front of the lid and washer box to secure the it. (Please excuse me, but I seem incapable at the moment of coming up with proper-sounding terminology.)

There are tabs that stick up in the front a few inches from the right and left sides where a bolt/screw connected it to part of the frame of the dryer while it sat on top, so that it would not move around or walk off the washer; however, those tabs are not aligned with any holes in the front of the washer lid, and they actually are slightly too large to fit into the most likely holes if they were aligned properly.

Did we somehow lose some small piece of hardware that should fit into some small hole in the washing machine to attach the lid? We went so far as to order a new lid last week, thinking we might, somehow, have the wrong lid, but the new lid is identical and did not come with any hardware at all. (Longish story, but we had matching washer/dryer set ups in two condos, one was Frigidaire brand and one was Kenmore brand. Lids might have gotten mixed up.)

Has anyone else done this and were you able to put the lid on the washer after having had it support the dryer for a while? Exact model is Frigidaire FWT647GHS0. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Try Googleing your model number. You will find parts breakdowns that will assist you in putting your top back on

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