Are the tam 8 and tam 7 trane air handlers any good?

BradDSSeptember 30, 2012

I've been researching things and I was recently planning on getting a Trane XB14 with a TAM 7 Air Handler. The issue is that now I am reading online some complaints about the TAM 7 leaking from the door and that Trane won't do a thing to fix the issue. Is the Tam 8 any better in terms of no leaks and better quality? Also, how much more would it cost for it? For weeks we were planning on getting the XB14 with the Tam 7 but now I think we may be changing our minds...

What is the absolute best trane air handler to buy? In other words, what is the best air handler in terms of quality and the air handler that has the least issues?

We've been getting estimates from contractors and it would be pointless to install such an expensive system in our home and have issues from day one. I thought that Trane was the best you could buy but I guess the reviews online are proving that much wrong...

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I like them. Minor air leaks from the cabinet are the nature of a positive pressure system (blower before coil). In my opinion, the air leaks are minimal and not excessive by any means. The Hyperion air handler is very well insulated and in general fairly air tight. I believe Trane made some minor changes to the cabinet design from the first generation models. The Hyperion air handlers have some nice attributes to them putting aside any complaints about air leaks. They feature all-aluminum coils and electronic expansion valves to meter refrigerant flow which are more reliable and accurate than traditional TXVs. I don't think there's much if any difference in cabinet design between the TAM7 and TAM8. The TAM8 is the communicating model.

By the way, I have the TAM8 in my house and so far have been very pleased.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess the complaints are from those who are expecting a completely sealed system for a new system purchase? Our current unit is a 1998 York so it's pretty old. I think it's a 12 Seer but I'm not sure. Anyway, I guess I'll talk with some contractors about pricing differences and the benefits between the two.

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I have been servicing ac, heating and refrigeration equipment since

  1. I wouldn't put a new Trane system or the Tam air handler in my h
    House. The tam unit is one big problem. The had issues with pump down problems due to the electronic expansion valve. If you get a unit with old rev board you need to update it. They leak air something fierce and Trane states it to keep the air clean. BULL. Had a new install today when they turned on the breaker factory wire was pinched under the power control board. No way that they run tested it in the factory or they would have found it. The outdoor heat pumps with electronic valves on have problems with the suction line transducers not working right and locking out the unit. These are just some of the issues. Best bang for you buck got with carrier infinity. I could go on and on about issues with Trane units. If you want any more info feel free to contact me. 443 271 9861.
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